State Rep. Brian Seitz during a pro-life event.

State Rep. Brian Seitz is going on the offensive against critics who claim a bill he authored relate to abortion would lead to preventing women from getting medical help for a life-threatening condition.

An abortion activist made a claim on social media that Seitz’s bill, House Bill 2810, would stop doctors from helping women who are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, and would result in the deaths of the women.Former CBS News reporter Kate Smith, who left her position in 2021 and is now an abortion advocate, posted Seitz’s bill on twitter and then commented “a bill in Missouri makes (sic) illegal to get an abortion if the patient has an ectopic pregnancy.” Smith claims that the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion is “on the line.” 

 The Mayo Clinic says an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg attaches outside the main cavity of the uterus, usually inside a fallopian tube, in which case it’s called a “tubal pregnancy.” The egg cannot grow normally, and there is no biological way for it to survive, and can cause life-threatening bleeding in the mother.

The National Institutes of Health released a study showing over a ten-year period, ectopic pregnancies are the number one cause of maternal deaths in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

Smith’s Twitter posting resulted in thousands of negative comments about Seitz, along with multiple comments making personal attacks directed at him. The narrative of most social media postings was Seitz was intentionally placing the lives of women at risk, citing testimony in the state house where Seitz said he did not know how the treatment for ectopic pregnancies worked. 

Several of those social media postings also promoted a question from Kansas City area Democratic House member Keri Ingle questioning if Seitz was familiar with treatment for ectopic pregnancies, and if he knew some of the medications in the bill were used in the treatment of ectopic pregnancies. Seitz responded he wasn’t familiar with the treatments, but added the bill only issued penalties for illegal use of those medications and not lawful treatments such as in hospital settings.

Seitz is now responding to the social media assault, claiming Smith’s posting contained a false representation of his bill, and as a result significant amounts of misinformation is being spread regarding the bill.

“For those who are genuinely confused and concerned about how this bill could affect treatment for ectopic pregnancies let me be very clear: This bill does NOT stop treatment for ectopic pregnancy,” Seitz posted on Facebook. “WOMEN CAN AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET TREATMENT FOR ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES.”

The section the abortion advocates are claiming blocks doctors treating ectopic pregnancies is a subsection of a larger part of the bill which makes the trafficking of abortion-inducing devices or drugs a class A felony, which can bring a life sentence upon conviction. According to the Mayo Clinic, inducing an abortion via certain drugs on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy could be fatal.

Seitz goes on to imply the misrepresentation about the bill is intentional because the abortion advocates are wanting to stop abortion regulations.

“The lie this bill is meant to stop women from getting treatment for ectopic pregnancies was first shared by pro-choice activists, who hate everything about the bill, not just one line,” Seitz wrote. “They found a line that gave them a way to enrage the masses, and they seized upon it. This language will be changing, but I think the criticism will continue, because again, it isn’t about one line.”

Seitz called out his critics if their basis was the subsection of the measure taken out of context, stating if they’re still against the measure, then the misrepresented line wasn’t their motivation.

“If you still fight the bill, then the line wasn’t your motivation anyway,” Seitz wrote.”I’m undeterred in my defense of the lives of the unborn, and the lives of women, and will continue to work to protect both through the passage of this bill and future legislation.”

Speaking with the Branson Tri-Lakes News, Seitz reiterated his belief a woman should have the right to get medical intervention in an ectopic pregnancy.

“It’s absolutely legal and essential that women have ectopic pregnancies dealt with, and I presented that in conference very clearly,” Seitz said. 

Seitz said this bill protects both women and the unborn. 

“Any confusion about language will be cleared up in executive session, but I doubt the attacks will stop because most opponents of the bill don’t have a problem with just one line, they want to see the whole bill fail,” Sietz said. “I am undeterred in my mission to protect and support the rights of the unborn to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Seitz said because of the misinformation campaigns on social media, an amendment to clarify the language in the bill will be presented after legislators return from their spring break. He said an amendment is ready to be presented to the Special Committee on Government Oversight to remove the ectopic pregnancy language.

“This is a strong pro-life bill, but we don’t want there to be any confusion,” Seitz said. “I’m going to meet with Chairman Jared Taylor and we will decide which way to go.”

Seitz said ultimately he’s representing the will of the voters.

“The voters in the district know that I am, as they are, 100% pro life,” Seitz said. “This bill protects the life of the unborn in the womb and it also protects women. I think voters in the district understand that. This false narrative (spreading on social media) will not hamper my ability to serve the residents of Taney County.”

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