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Local band Damsel performing at the 2021 Rock The Spectrum concert.

The annual Shay & Pals Rock The Spectrum concert fundraiser for 2022 will take place on Saturday, Sept. 17, at the Branson Landing.

The event will take place from 2 to 10 p.m. near the fountains.

The concert will feature The Purple Xperience, a Prince tribute band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Officially licensed by the Prince estate, the show features entertainer Marshall Charloff, who has worked with groups like the Commodores. His band, Purple Xperience, includes members of Prince’s former backing band, New Power Generation.

Local bands Damsel and The Dirty Saints will also appear.

Donated funds raised by the show will benefit Shay & Pals, a local charity which works to make Branson more inclusive for the families of children with special sensory needs. 

Branson has two city related entities which have been “Certified Sensory Inclusive” by KultureCity, a group which reviews cities across the country for their welcoming and supportive nature for families with special needs children. 

The Branson Fire Department has a “KultureCity Sensory Bag” in all of their fire trucks and fire vehicles. If they are called to a situation where someone with autism or a similar condition is in need of help, they use the items in the bag to help calm the person and provide them a way to deal with the situation. There is also an informational page on, which helps children with sensory issues learn about firefighters, and how to deal with things they may not like such as loud sirens or flashing lights.

The Branson Parks and Recreation department has also been certified by KultureCity. The Sensory Bag at Branson Parks and Recreation facilities includes items like headphones, so if the crowd at a particular event is too loud for a child, they can quiet the environment around them. There is also a website page for those attending Parks and Recreation events to help prepare the child for the experience.

More information about Shay & Pals can be found at

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