The Taney County Commission has committed the county to providing the city of Merriam Woods with up to $25,000 in matching grant funds to be put toward road improvements. 

At a Taney County Commission meeting Jan. 4, Merriam Woods Mayor Rusty Ault and Merriam Woods Ward 3 Alderman Roger DeWalt appeared before commissioners to request funding assistance from the county. 

Ault explained to commissioners that, much like the city of Rockaway Beach, they too are in the process of submitting an application to the Missouri Department of Economic Development in hopes of receiving a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant to use for road improvement projects.

“We will be applying for a grant with the state to repair some much needed roads that are in horrible shape,” said Ault. “The city itself is going to go in and replace culverts and ditches as part of a good faith and cost savings (effort). We’re doing a little bit of cost savings on our end money-wise. It is my understanding that you all approved with Rockaway some sort of deal for the county to put some money forward providing the grants approval.”

In November of last year the Taney County Commission approved a letter of commitment to provide the city of Rockaway Beach with $25,000 in matching grant funds, should they receive their requested $500,000 in CDBG funds. 

In preparation of this project Ault informed commissioners that they have partnered with MECO Engineering.

“They’re going to supervise all of our culverts and ditches, so they’ll be up to standards.”

When Eastern Taney County Commissioner Sheila Wyatt asked the presenting mayor and alderman about when the city had to have the grant submitted, DeWalt responded.

“I think we changed it to April. This spring’s grant approval. I think rather than trying to shove it into December and get it before the first of the year they recommended that we push it out to April,” said DeWalt. “We’ve actually got the application filled out, but they’re holding it until their meeting.”

At the end of the discussion Western Taney County Commissioner Brandon Williams made a motion to provide the city of Merriam Woods with up to $25,000 for roads, contingent upon them receiving the CDBG grant. The motion was seconded by Wyatt and approved unanimously. 

Should the city receive the grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Taney County Commission will need to approve the transfer of the up to $25,000 in funds to the city of Merriam Woods.

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