A food truck court is coming to The Shoppes at Branson Meadows to give everyone’s taste buds a reason to work overtime.

A Special Use Permit to operate a food truck court at  The Shoppes at Branson Meadows was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission at their virtual April 6 meeting.

The application for the food truck court, submitted by Bob Nichols, will be located at 4230 Gretna Road, and will allow for as many as 12 food trucks to be located in the center of the property along the existing pedestrian walkway.

“I think it’s just an exceptionally great idea,” said Chairperson Clark Harris. “It’s something good for the area and for the people that work there and come in there for shopping and then have their permanent jobs there. It’s a super great place.”

According to the staff report provided by the city of Branson, the primary goal of the applicant’s request is to generate increased commercial activity at The Shoppes at Branson Meadows, while providing an alternative restaurant experience in their area of the city.

The applicant’s request includes utilizing approximately 1.5 acres of the property and parking area, approximately 85 parking spaces, to provide an area for 12 food trucks, outdoor seating, live music and a special event space for seasonal farmers markets.

According to the report, the proposed food truck court will include trash and recycling receptacles, water and electricity connections, permanent tie downs for the trucks and a vehicular deterrent perimeter enclosing the area.

City staff promoted the passing of this special use permit with the following recommendations:

- All construction and activities covered by the Special Use Permit shall conform to all codes and ordinances of the city of Branson.

- The owner, or a designated manager of the food truck court, shall be responsible for notifying the city of Branson whenever a new food truck is installed or removed.

- If at any point, after the use is established, the number of food trucks is fewer than four, the use shall be allowed to continue operation under this Special Use Permit and all of the approved conditions.

- All food trucks shall have an approved Mobile Food Permit from the Taney County Health Department and approved business license from the city of Branson, and they shall remain in good standing.

- Any additional storage area needed for the food truck court shall be located within a permanent structure.

- The food truck court shall be enclosed by a permanent vehicular deterrent perimeter.

- Any handicap parking stalls removed for the food truck court will need to be relocated within the Branson Meadows Mall parking area.

- If all conditions of this resolution authorizing the issuance of this Special Use Permit are not acted upon on or before April 6, 2025, this Special Use Permit shall be null and void.


To watch the live stream of the meeting visit bransonmo.gov; hover over the ‘Government’ tab; click on ‘Live Stream’; and select the ‘Planning Commission Meeting - 4/6/21’ option.

To see the complete agenda item, under the ‘Government’ tab, select ‘Agendas and Minutes’, and find the ‘Planning Commission Regular Meeting’ listed option.

Visit bransonmo.gov to learn more.

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