Plato's Cave

A former Days Inn is set to be converted into workforce housing.

A former Branson hotel is set to be redeveloped into workforce housing.

Development company Repvblik LLC, announced the acquisition of the former Days Inn, at 3524 Keeter Street, and will rename the property Plato’s Cave.

According to a press release, the first phase is set to be completed by summer of 2018 and  will house 900 workers. The property, which consists of 423 hotel rooms, has been vacant for several years.

“The room configurations will vary dependent on the needs of the workers,” the release reads. “All rooms have bathrooms en suite and have access to cooking facilities, either in each room, or a large communal kitchen and dining area, dependent on budget and length of stay.”

Repvblik is working with a local architect firm, Treat Architects, as well as Taney County Partnership. Jonas Arjes, executive director of Taney County Partnership, said the Repvblik approached the partnership about purchasing the property near the end of 2017.

“They were looking at doing some affordable housing units and we got to talking about workforce housing, and that’s where we’re at,” Arjes said.

Arjes said that while the community already has some affordable housing complexes, the location of Plato’s Cave will make it unique.

“You think about the workforce and some of the challenges they have, transportation seems to be one,” he said. “What makes this very appealing is it’s located nicely just off the entertainment corridor and there’s access to quite a few businesses within walking distance, if not a short drive.”

Arjes said the housing unit will also help the community as they ramp up efforts to recruit workers from Puerto Rico and through the J-1 Visa program.

“What we learned last year as we ramped up our Puerto Rico efforts, as well as the J-1 Visa program, is the inventory for the seasonal workers, as well as year round, we kind of got to the end of that pretty quickly and realized there’s not much left, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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