The April 6 Municipal Election is officially a week away.

Stone County residents will have several things to choose from and it’s important to know what to expect.

According to Stone County Circuit Clerk Cindy Elmore, although the expected turnout is small, voters are still asked to have patience throughout the voting process.

“Typically in the April election it’s anywhere from 7-10%. It’s not an overly big turnout, it never has been,” said Elmore. “In Stone County we have 29 different ballot styles for this one election and that takes them a little extra time to get the right ballot to go to that person.”

Even though almost all the polling places have remained the same, a small change has occurred that will affect a few voters.

“I did have to combine a poll, it’s up here in the north part of the county. It was my Lincoln precinct, I have combined it with my Washington one in Galena about five miles down the road,” said Elmore. “We weren’t able to use the building anymore so I just combined one.”

COVID-19 precautions will still be in place for the Municipal Election, including masks and sanitizing voting stations for voters. According to Elmore, they’re doing even more to help out this time around.

“This was kind of (the) direction (given) from the Secretary of State’s office: they are asking us to send out the PPE (personal protective equipment) stuff this time just as a precaution, which I’m going to do,” said Elmore. “I will send out masks and gloves and the usual thing that we did all last year. So when they go to vote just be a little patient because it takes them time to get everything ready but other than that it’s going to be kind of following along with what last year was. This may be the last time we have to go to that kind of extreme.”

Absentee voting is also still helping many voters practice their civic duty as the election nears.

“We’ve mailed out about 254 ballots and we’ve got about 55% of them back,” said Elmore. “The polls close at 7 p.m. so we should have our absentee ballot (totals) up on the website first thing, usually before 7:30 p.m. if we can get everything in because it takes us a little while because we have to hand-put the data in.

“I just encourage everybody to get out and vote and take part in the Municipal Election.”

Stay tuned to to catch the April 6 local election results.

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