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Don Jones was sworn in on Tuesday, Oct. 12 to the Hollister Board of Aldermen Ward I seat.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the Hollister Board of Aldermen held a special meeting to appoint a new member to its board, filling the seat left vacant when Ward I Alderman Lamar Patton was named Mayor after long-time Mayor David Tate retired at the regular Board of Alderman meeting on Oct. 7. 

A motion to appoint Don Jones to the vacant seat was made by Ward II Alderman Phil Carman. After a second, the motion was taken to a vote. Mayor Patton called for a vote and  Carman, Ward II Alderman Dave Willard, and Ward I Alderman David Honey, voted unanimously to appoint Jones to the vacant seat. 

Jones took to the podium and spoke of the honor he felt being able to serve the city of Hollister. 

“Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to become a  part of the city of Hollister Aldermen. Hollister is a great home for me and Caroline,” Jones said. “We love it here. We know everybody here, and we want to help contribute. I want to help contribute to the continued growth of our community, and I am honored by the opportunity to be able to do this.”

Jones was sworn in to serve the remaining term, which will run until April 2023, by City Clerk Bridget Epps and immediately took his seat on the board. 

City Administrator Rick Zeigenfuss explained at the next regularly scheduled Board of Aldermen, on Thursday, Oct. 21, the board would hold a reception for Jones to celebrate his appointment.

“This is the official deal, you are an Alderman in the city of Hollister, but on the 21 at the regularly scheduled meeting, we will have a reception, and another swearing in so families (can attend) and if you want to invite folks,” Zeigenfuss told Jones during the meeting.

Also on the agenda was the matter of a vacancy on Parks Board. Patton had served on the Parks Board when he was alderman, and he was an authorized signer for bank transactions for the city. Tate had also been one of the signatures for the bank while he was Mayor. 

Patton said he had discussed the Park Board vacancy with Jones prior to the meeting. 

“I had to come off the park board,” Patton said. ”We have already visited with Don and he would be willing to serve on that, since nobody else up here can. So I’d like to recommend that Don serves the balance of that term.”

The board voted unanimously to appoint Jones to the vacant Park Board seat. 

The board voted unanimously to make Patton one of four authorized signatures needed for the bank cards for the city. 

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