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Silver Dollar City outdoor areas, where six feet or distance can be maintained between parties, are now mask-optional spaces. Masks are required on rides, with the exeption of water rides where guests will get wet.

Silver Dollar City has made some updates to their COVID-19 safety requirements, including their face covering policy.

As of Monday, April 12, the 1880s theme park COVID safety requirements were adjusted to match the following:

— Per the CDC’s guidelines on safe outdoor activities, Silver Dollar City outdoor areas, where six feet of distance can be maintained between parties, are now mask-optional spaces. 

— Guest masking is required at all ticketing areas, park entry, on rides and trams, in queues, all indoor areas and areas where guests cannot socially distance outdoors.

— Guests and employees are still required to participate in a self-assessment health screening prior to entry, but temperature checks are no longer part of the process.

— Areas of the property where masks are required will be clearly marked and strictly enforced.

— Silver Dollar City employees will continue to wear masks at all times while on the property.

These new adjustments were published to under their Play Safe Together Frequently Asked Questions page. On the same page online, the park explained why the policy change was implemented.

“As knowledge about COVID-19 has evolved, the CDC updated its recommendations and guidelines related to COVID-19. We are confident that our updated policies, which follow the CDC’s guidelines, will make our properties even more accessible while maintaining a safe and family-friendly environment,” said the FAQs page on Silver Dollar City’s website. 

The park additionally addressed why guests will need to wear a mask in some places of the property and not others.

“The current CDC guidelines state that as long as six feet of distance can be maintained between parties outdoors, it is safe to not wear a mask,” said the FAQs page. 

Guests coming to Silver Dollar City will only be granted access to the property if they arrive wearing an appropriate and approved face covering. Once inside of the park, guests will not be required to wear their masks in outdoor areas that provide more than six-feet of ample space, according to the FAQs page. 

Additional exceptions to the face covering policy include the following:

— Children ages one and younger

— While actively eating or drinking; both at a restaurant or while walking/sitting

— When taking photos

— While swimming or on an attraction where you will get wet (water slides/rides)

— While showering/changing clothes in an approved water park facility

—While in a lounge chair or occupying a private, rented space (such as Cabanas at water parks) if six-feet can be maintained between groups

Under the current guidelines, SDC will still be requiring people who have been vaccinated to adhere to the safety standards, stated the FAQs page. 

SDC guests are encouraged to bring their own face covering with them when visiting the property, however, masks will be provided for guests without, the FAQs page stated. 

At the park, a majority of the attractions and experiences are scheduled to open. Select experiences at SDC will not be available during this phase, and some queue experiences may be slightly altered as they implement their new procedures. For the restaurants and shops on-site, the guidelines for operation require social distancing and they will be reducing capacity at restaurants and in shops. Additionally, buffet restaurants on-park will now be served cafeteria-style, according to the FAQs page. 

For additional information or to review the entire FAQs sheet about the parks newest operational changes visit To learn more about Silver Dollar City including the the operating schedule or ticket information visit

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Another year of not going to SDC. I simply refuse to walk around down there in the heat, while wearing a dang mask and struggling to breathe. And the idea that you want children as young as 13 months and up to wear those is absolutely ridiculous. I hope people stay away.

No more masks

Exactly! They were mask Nazi's literally chasing people around when we were there last NOV. I watched them cross 90+ feet to tap a woman on the shoulder. RIDICULOUS

No more masks

I will be not renewing my season tickets. I have a 3 year old autistic granddaughter. You have lost the business for the whole of Branson,MO. Even if she wasn't special needs , 16 month Olds wearing masks is CHILD ABUSE


I for one will continue to go to the park on a weekly basis. I applaud management for their continued deligence.

It’s a shame that so many people have had to stay away from the park because they disagree with the parks efforts to reopen but keep everyone safe in the process. I guess that just leaves more space for those of us who don’t mind a little inconvenience.

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