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The Track Family Fun Parks and Fruition Partners have formed a new partnership.

The Track Family Fun Parks and Fruition Partners have formed a new partnership.

Fruition Partners, a Denver based private equity firm, announced in a press release that they have started a partnership with The Track Family Fun Parks.

“What Craig, Mike and the entire Track team have built over the years is great entertainment for people of all ages,” Jay Coughlon, managing partner and co-founder of Fruition Partners said in the release. 

“The Track offers an incredible collection of family attractions including multi-story go-kart tracks, thrill rides, arcades, and the iconic ferris wheel from the Chicago Navy Pier, all in the heart of the rapidly growing vacation and recreation destination of Branson, Missouri.

“We are excited to leverage The Track’s model and partner with or acquire other strong FEC operators with a particular focus on the south/southeastern United States.”

According to the release, The Track will continue to be led by Craig Wescott and Mike Russell, who have been with The Track since its inception 40 years ago.

“Fruition, with their focus on people, was a natural fit when Mike and I decided to partner with a private equity firm to grow The Track. Our fathers started something truly special, and we continue to build upon their legacy,” said Wescott in the release.

“With Fruition, we look forward to investing in our existing staff and properties while adding new attractions and experiences in Branson and beyond. Fruition recognizes what The Track family has accomplished over the decades and will provide the resources and strategic expertise to help us grow and improve in new ways. Most importantly to us, the family culture we were built on will continue to be our foundation.”

This year is also The Track’s 40th birthday.

To celebrate its opening in 1981, a 40th birthday bash will be held on Wednesday, June 23 from 7 till 10:30 p.m. next to the Branson Ferris Wheel, located at 3335 W. 76 Country Blvd.

The celebration will include live music, fireworks and food trucks.


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