On Oct. 7 the installation of the greatly-anticipated Giant Pacific Octopus, that will wrap around the front of Aquarium at the Boardwalk, began.

According to a press release by Kuvera Partners, Demiurge, a multifaceted art fabrication studio in Denver, collaborated with aquarium developers Kuvera Partners, on this one-of- a-kind sculpture and will be on-site to install the structure over a six week period.

According to the release, the octopus sculpture is built of stainless steel and painted carbon steel, weighs 34 tons and stands 55-feet tall. Panels of polyhedral stainless steel with varying surface textures and finishes make up the skin components. An intricate internal structure of steel coils creates the organic form and provides connections for each of the panels. A fleet of 27 flatbed freight trucks, extending longer than three football fields, transported the disassembled art from Colorado to Missouri. 

The week of Sept. 20, world-renowned Trompe L’oeil mural artist John Pugh began a month-long mural on the northwest corner of the aquarium. When completed, this will be “one of John’s largest ever masterpieces.”

“I’m a huge nature lover and enjoy painting water scenes,” said Pugh, in a press release from Kuvera Partners. “But this one is particularly challenging because I’m not only painting an underwater view but have to add the illusion of looking at an aquarium exhibit behind glass. Getting the colors and shadows right is tricky, but I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out.”

According to their website, Aquarium at the Boardwalk is anticipating a mid-November opening.

Visit aquariumattheboardwalk.com for information.

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