Liverpool Sitar

    Marty Scott, who performs as George Harrison, will play his sitar in India next month.

    The Liverpool Legends are cutting their Branson season a bit short to take advantage of a “once in a lifetime chance” to perform a private concert in India next week.

    “We were originally scheduled to be in Branson until Dec. 2, but we’re rearranging our schedule to perform in India, so our last show will be Saturday,” said Marty Scott, who performs as George Harrison in the show. “This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever gotten to do, and it’s going to be an experience, that’s for sure.

    “I never, ever thought I’d be going to India with my sitar.”

    The lads, Scott, Kevin “John Lennon” Mantegna, Greg “Ringo Starr” George and Kevin “Paul McCartney” Beahon, are scheduled to fly out Dec. 3 and perform a private show for several prominent businessmen and Indian dignitaries.

    “To top it off there’s supposed to be some top Indian musicians at this show,” Scott said with a nervous laugh. “So I’m like oh no, because I just dabble into the Beatles parts, and George wasn’t the top sitar player in the world, you know, when they really needed to do a hard part, they’d have Ravi Shankar do it.

    “I’m going to do what I do, but in this country, nobody really judges me too harshly on my sitar playing, but over there, I have to think about how I’m sitting, how I’m playing, and things like that. Hopefully I’ll learn some things while we’re over there.”

    Scott also mentioned the fact Harrison played a large role in introducing eastern music to the west.

    “George probably did a lot of things, but the most real affect he had on the world was adding Indian music and spirituality to music, because nobody had ever done that before,” he said. “After George and the Beatles did it, everybody, the Byrds, the Stones, everybody did it a little bit.

    “That’s why there are so many huge George Harrison fans in India, because he opened their music up to popular culture.”

    Scott said the group would be in India for a week, which gives them plenty of time to see the sights and immerse themselves into the culture.

    In addition to performing in India, the Liverpool Legends will add another feather to their cap as the group announced this week they will perform at Carnegie Hall March 5, 2016.

    “That’s one of those things I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid.” Scott said.

    The Liverpool Legends will return to Branson next year for their 11th season. For more information as well as a full schedule of dates, visit

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