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Taney County Chief Deputy Clerk Stephanie Spencer gives post election update for Taney County. 

The April election is over, the official results have been certified, now the Taney County Clerk’s Office  is letting us know how it went. 

Voter turnout was a little lower than the 12% predicted for the county, according to Taney County Chief Deputy Clerk Stephanie Spencer.

“The official turnout throughout Taney County was 11%,” said Spencer. “The three Branson precincts within Branson City limits brought in an average of 25% voter turnout.” 

According to Spencer, the county had a 0.75% absentee turnout. 

“123 people voted in person in the clerk’s office and 143 voters mailed in their absentee ballots,” said Spencer.

The election went well despite a few times where candidates had to be asked to move away the polling places, according to Spencer.

“We had a couple of instances where candidates had to be reminded to keep their distance from voters and the polling location, but overall, it went well,” said Spencer. “The election went well and we appreciated the courtesy shown to the election judges and fellow voters.”

Spencer expressed gratitude for everyone who helped with election day.

“We would like to thank the Branson Police Department and the Taney County Sheriff’s Department for their help on Election Day,” said Spencer. “We would also like to thank the polling locations for hosting the election, especially Kirbyville Middle School for their willingness in finding a solution when their gymnasium floor flooded and the help that the Branson High School gave when the Activity Center was being used for administering coronavirus vaccines.  We thank our election judges and the citizens of Taney County for their patience at the polling places and when they called into the courthouse with questions.  Thank you to the election team at the courthouse.”

According to Spencer, they don’t know what may be on the ballot for the special elections in August and November yet.

“We will not have a definitive answer on the August election until after the May 25th Final Certification deadline wherein items can be submitted for the ballot,” said Spencer. 

Visit to see the official results for Taney County’s April Municipal Election.

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