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Linda McCormick

Captain Linda McCormick, with The Salvation Army Branson, is being transferred to her new location in Fort Dodge, Iowa, at the end of June.

“I try to come into a community and dig deep with my roots, so it’s always difficult for me to go because I’ve become so entrenched,” McCormick said. “But that’s just part of the life I’ve chosen to lead and where God calls that’s where I gotta go.”

McCormick said she wants the local community to know The Salvation Army is so thankful for all they do.

“I want them to know how much their support of the Salvation Army since I’ve been here has been appreciated,” McCormick said. “We never take for granted the donations and the support that we receive. Stone and Taney counties have just been tremendous in supporting what we do and how we do it.”

She was also able to highlight some of the things that have occurred at The Salvation Army during her four years in Branson.

“We’ve done some good things while I’ve been here. We’ve done the warming center — that was not a thing when I first got here,” McCormick said. “We were given the honor of doing the toy shop from Love Inc. That was new for us. It’s always nice when a nonprofit hands you their baton and trusts you with that ministry, and so that was huge for us. I think it was huge for Love Inc. When you hand over a ministry you want it to be done well, and I think they were very pleased with how we handled the ‘Shop with a Hero’ and the toy shop; that will continue.

“And of course our relationship with Silver Dollar City has grown leaps and bounds, and I just can’t thank them enough for what they allow us to do by coming into the park and ringing the bells during Christmas.”

Steve Robertson will be taking over as captain following her transfer.

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