Monday Feb. 22 at 3:33 p.m. a crash on Hwy 160 one mile north of Reeds Spring left two dead and one injured. 

According to a Missouri State Highway Patrol report, a car driven by Kirby L. Hendrick, 82, of Galena, pulled into the path of a truck driven by David Warthen, 62, of Springfield on Highway 160. The truck then struck the car on the driver’s side.”

At 4:41 p.m. Stone County Coroner John Cunningham pronounced both Kirby Hendrick and his passenger, Shirley Hendrick, 79, also from Galena, dead at the scene. 

David Warthen had moderate injuries and was taken to Cox  South in Springfield, according to the report.

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Letter written to MODOT "Report a Road Concern" website

Hello -

I have only lived in the Reeds Spring area for one year now. During this year I have been directly aware of at least four accidents at this intersection (I have been rerouted around the crash area in three of those cases). On Monday Feb. 22nd an elderly couple both lost their lives at this intersection. Even having only lived here a year I was immediately made aware of the impact such an accident and these tragic deaths have on a small, tight knit community. Speaking with my 14 year old neighbor, he commented that the husband, Kirby Hendrick had been his school bus driver once. When I arrived at the Branson West Walmart on Tuesday the 23rd I was made aware that "the kind woman" who worked in the fabric department was in fact the other victim Shirley Hendrick.

As a 61 years old, experienced driver I moved here aware that this intersection would likely be a problem for area drivers. Upon utilizing the intersection on a near daily basis since arriving, it is much more problematic than even I would have guessed. As a vehicle travels north bound on RT 13 toward this intersection there is simultaneously a steep rise and well as a sharp turn in the road. For a vehicle on RT 248 wishing to turn south on RT 13, the approaching traffic on the north bound lane of RT 13 (because of the rise and curve of the road) causes a depth perception issue for drivers turning onto RT 13 south bound. That perception issue is also in play for drivers turning onto RT 248 from the left turn lane of south bound RT 160/13. I myself have commented following making that turn "hmmm that was closer than I thought it was going to be".

I would have no problem believing that someone in Jeff City is crunching the accident statistics on this intersection and knows there is a clear problem. I would also believe that State Highway Patrol officers in this area have a clear understanding of the problem this intersection poses (having now done how many accident investigations on the site). I guess the point is - it's not a matter of if but when will we see the needed traffic lights put in at this intersection.

Thank you,

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