Branson Mall

Branson Mall is to reopen in May with an entertainment-based theme.

The Branson Mall, recently on the market for $3 million, is now set for renovation and a spring reopening by the current owners.

Galen Pellham, leasing agent for the building owner, Z & K Investments LLC, said the company recently received funding to make improvements to the building the owners originally intended to sell.

“We are giving the interior a face lift and giving the exterior a face lift, putting several new HVAC roof-top units on, reroofing, expanding the ladies restroom, reflooring the public area,” Pellham said. “It will be a brand new facility.”

Pellham said the owners are aiming for a May opening. The building, a retail center prior to the Leap Day 2012 tornado, is now envisioned as an entertainment-based business, Pellham said.

“We think we have an exciting concept for the theater, an exciting concept that would bring a lot of people in the mall,” he said. “If a tenant comes in, then we have sort of a theme for the restaurant.

“We think we can find our own operator to come in because it will be a pretty exciting venue.”

Pellham declined to disclose details of what type of entertainment may inhabit the building, but he said he expects to reveal more details in the coming weeks.

Branson Interim Director of Planning and Development Joel Hornickel said a demolition permit has been approved for the project.

“They’re starting to work on the interior demolition,” he said. “They’ve submitted plans for structural upgrades to the roof ... they’re step by step moving forward with trying to get that up and functioning.”

Pellham said light demolition has begun in the inside of the structure to prepare for heavier renovations.

“We just started cleaning up, taking out some walls that aren’t needed anymore,” he said.

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