The Southern Missouri Arts Connection has put out the call for local artists, who may want to participate in a fun art show which will showcase smaller than average art pieces. 

SMAC will present its 2nd Annual fundraising ‘Post-It Note, 3”x3’ Art Show’ on Friday, Oct. 1 at their Art Center, located at 7 Downing Street in Hollister. SMAC is currently seeking miniature art to be showcased during the event, according to The Southern Missouri Arts Connection Facebook page. 

SMAC Vice President and member of the gallery committee Lynnette Horn said for the month of September SMAC has put the call out for artists. 

“We are seeking miniature art that is presented on a standard size 3” x 3” square sticky note, canvas or paper of any color,” Horn said. “I’m using 3x3” cradled wooden panels, as are some of the other artists, but I know some other artists are using Post-It notes, and other watercolor paper.”

According to the Facebook page, SMAC will hold a Free Open Studio at the SMAC Art Center on Friday, Sept. 10 from 7 to 10 p.m. for artists who want to come together and create art for the show. The deadline for art to be dropped off at the art center to be a part of the show will be Saturday, Sept. 25, from 6 to 9 p.m. The show will run for the whole month of October. 

“We’ve added a special open studio evening, Friday, Sept. 10. A social event centered around making miniature art for the show. This is open for any artist. SMAC membership is not required. Come hang with other artists and create together. You can bring your own supplies, or use SMAC’s (supplies). It ought to be a fun night.”

Horn said the purpose of the show is to raise funds for the Art Center and all the art will be available for purchase throughout the month of October. 

“They are all for sale at $5 each and SMAC splits the money with the artist. The purpose of the show is to raise funds for SMAC, which is a non-profit, and to offer an economical option to buy art,” Horn said. “So anyone in the community can afford a piece of original art.”

According to the Facebook page all artists are welcome to submit work, SMAC membership is not necessary. Artists must submit a minimum of at least 10 pieces for the exhibit. Works of art will not be labeled, but artists must include identifying information on the front or back of their work. When dropping off pieces artists are asked to place their artwork in an envelope along with any special display instructions. 

“Artists must submit at least 10 pieces of art,” Horn said. “But they can submit as many as they want over the minimum. Artists do not need to be a member of SMAC to participate.”

Horn, who will also be submitting her own artwork for the exhibit, said the best part of this exhibit last year was opening night.

“My favorite part of last year’s show was opening night. Seeing so many excited faces, as they walked around the gallery, snatching their favorite pieces off the walls. Yes, right off the walls,” Horn said. “That’s what makes the exhibit so much fun. People take the art off the wall, pay for it and take it home. No waiting until the end of the exhibit to pick up their purchases. Transactions are done that night. With the flurry of activity, you’d think the walls would be empty after opening night, but they aren’t. There will still be plenty on the walls throughout the month-long exhibit.”

Horn said there is no set theme or rules other than size for the exhibit so artists can be free to create what they want.

“Part of the beauty of the exhibit is seeing all the different genres, mediums and styles. There is no unifying theme, just whatever the artist wants to create,” Horn said. “They can let their imagination run wild.”

The proceeds from the sales of the pieces will be split equally between SMAC and the artist.

“Half the money from the sales goes to SMAC,” Horn said. “The money is used for general operations, building rent, utilities, etc. It helps us keep our doors open for the community.”

For more information visit or follow ‘The Southern Missouri Arts Connection’ on Facebook. 

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