The first 400-square-foot model tiny home officially arrived at Elevate Branson on July 29.

This tiny home is an up-close look into the up-and-coming affordable housing community that will be featured on acreage near the Elevate Branson campus.

“I think it’s just a home run for Branson itself to have some affordable housing,” said Co-founder of Elevate Branson, Bryan Stallings. “When we started delivering these sack lunch meals to people living in the motels back in 2009, we really recognized the need for affordable housing because of the way people were having to live in a motel, no kitchens, families all cramped into one room.

“Just knowing that there’s not any affordable housing options, I think this is just such a win for us as an organization, but more importantly for our community as a whole to be able to provide this option, to move people out of motels.”

According to a release provided by Elevate Branson, the development is to be named Elevate Community, will include 48 tiny homes on an adjacent 5-acre track that was recently purchased by an anonymous benefactor and donated specifically for the tiny home community, located just north of the nonprofits’ campus.

“I think the biggest thing for people to understand is that it’s not just about providing housing,” said Stallings. “Because it’s great if we can provide housing, but community and knowing your neighbors and building relationships with those around you is what actually empowers people to move forward. So, the houses are secondary, the community is what we’re trying to establish.

“We’re doing that through adding micro-businesses as well. You’ll see on there, there’s an outdoor amphitheater and movie theater plan as well as an art and woodworking studio. Those are actually designed not only for the residents to work, but also for the tourists and the local community to come into and be a part of.”

The tiny model home includes a living space, small kitchen, full bath, a bedroom and a front porch.

Residents of the Elevate Community will be required to meet certain requirements including proof of Taney County residency for a minimum of 12 months prior to moving in. Residents will pay monthly rent and follow all of the rules laid out for personal conduct, property care and upkeep.

“They have to be at or below the poverty line, so they’ll have to have income verification,” said Stallings. “If they have a disability, they’ll need to share that ‘cause that’s a pre-qualifier. If they were displaced by the 2017 flooding, that would be another qualifier that could get you into the homes. As well as if you can prove you’ve been chronically homeless or a veteran that’s been homeless. Those are all pre-qualifiers.”

According to Stallings, if everything goes smoothly, they plan to move someone in for the first time in October of 2021.

All 48 of the tiny homes are also available for sponsorships by individuals, businesses and organizations. Sponsors will have the option to name their sponsored home, select interior and exterior colors and provide an ongoing care and support team for the occupant.

The tiny model home, currently located at Elevate Branson, was prefabricated by Village Home Builders in Neosho, and is on loan for 60 days from Eden Village in Springfield, Missouri. To make an appointment for a tour or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, call 417-294-1300.

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