After less than a week of making masks optional, Reeds Spring schools reinstate mask mandate.

Reeds Spring School reinstated their mask mandate policy after making it optional last week.

The mask policy was reinstated on Friday, April 30. All staff and students will be required to wear masks for the remainder of the school year, according to a press release from Reeds Spring R-IV School District. 

On April 22, the district became the first school in Stone and Taney county to lift the mask mandate. The district decided to make masks optional at all district buildings for both students and teachers. The decision was made based on the fact that the district had not seen a positive case or quarantined students since early February, according to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives. 

Since the district made masks optional it has experienced six positive cases of COVID-19 and 95 people are now in quarantine due to exposure, according to the 

school’s COVID-19 dashboard. 

According to the release, the district has experienced some positive cases of COVID-19, resulting in a large number of students being quarantined. As a result of this data, the district decided to reinstate the masking policy for the remainder of the school year. 

“The deciding factor was the large number of students who have had to quarantine as a result of being in close contact with a person who tested positive,” said Director of Communications for Reeds Spring School District Ben Fisher. “We don’t (want) students to miss end-of-the-year events.”

Knowing schools are still responsible for following the quarantine rules established by CDC and the local health department, the school district feel this action will reduce the number of students who might become quarantined. The school district believes end-of-the-year events are essential for students and want to keep as many students in school as possible, stated the release. 

For more information visit www.rs-wolves.com/.

The Reeds Spring School District is also addressing the possibility of a district wide name change. It has sent out surveys to patrons and will host a community forum to solicit more feedback on this subject on Monday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the middle school auditorium. 

Keep a lookout for an upcoming Branson Tri-Lakes News story covering this at www.bransontrilakesnews.com/.

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Are they just going to keep doing this from now on? This virus will always be around, just like the flu virus is, so you might as well get used to it. And, just because you tested positive doesn't mean you are sick. Eventually enough people will become immune to it from exposure. Quarantining everyone keeps their immune system from staying strong.

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