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Who says dogs can’t celebrate Easter?

On Saturday, April 3, the Branson Parks & Recreation Department, in partnership with Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society, will be hosting their first ever Doggie Easter Egg Hunt.

“This was actually an idea that we were planning on going through with last year and of course we all know what happened around this time last year; special events and that kind of thing didn’t occur,” said Branson Parks and Recreation Business Supervisor Carlie Allison.

“This is actually an event that several parks departments across the nation do and we’ve always had a community Easter egg hunt for children that’s been extremely successful. We realized that we have quite a bit of a dog park following and we have a large membership base there so the idea kind of came about that we wanted to provide something for our members to do, but not just our members, something that could be open to the community as well.”

This event will take place at Stockstill Park, located at 524 Stockstill Lane, at 1 p.m. All dogs will be required to remain on a leash per city ordinance.

“Essentially what’s going to happen is - they’ll show up down to Stockstill Park around one o’clock and we’re going to have Easter eggs spread all over the place,” said Allison. “All of the Easter eggs will actually have little dog treats inside of them. The idea behind it is that the dog will go around, your dog touches their nose to an egg or gets near it and into the basket it goes.

“I would encourage people to get there slightly early but I know that everybody’s dog is different in their attention span and how long they’ll last at the hunt. We certainly think it’s a cute idea; the public has been very receptive to it and we’re hoping for a very successful event.”

According to Allison, there will also be a chance to win prizes that day due to donations made by businesses such as Petco and Branson Pet Resort.

“If anything, everybody’s going to walk away with several treats in their egg basket, in addition to some opportunities to win some prizes by interacting with the folks there,” said Allison. 

“The event is free, however we are promoting and suggesting that those who attend the event donate cash, certainly, (or) the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society might even more so appreciate items that are on their wish list,” said Allison. “They have lots of cleaning supplies and things that they need to just operate on a daily basis that folks can find on their wish list and they can bring them by the Easter egg hunt.

To see Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society’s wish list, visit or bring a minimum five dollar donation to the hunt.

“This is our first time doing it, we’re anticipating a good time and we’re hopeful that this is something that we can do on an annual basis.”

For more information, contact the Branson Recplex at 417.335.2368 or visit the ‘Special Events’ section at

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