Christopher Musica

A Forsyth man is in the Taney County Jail after being accused of assaulting a police officer.

According to a press release from Forsyth Police Chief Roger Ellis, Christopher Musica, 26, was pulled over at 2 a.m. Dec. 31 by a Forsyth officer for a minor traffic violation. Because Musica had a warrant for failure to appear in court on a previous drug charge, the officer tried to arrest Musica. According to Ellis, Musica fought with the officer and managed to escape, leaving the officer, Chad Swanson, with a concussion and minor bruising and abrasions.

Ellis said that on New Year’s Day, he distributed wanted posters of Musica. Moments after a resident posted the poster on Facebook, the resident learned Musica was located in Taneyville, according to Ellis. A Taney County deputy responded to the Taneyville home, but Musica ran from the residence, leading the deputy on a foot chase through the woods. The deputy ended up using a taser on Musica to take him into custody, according to Ellis.

According to the Taney County Jail’s online roster, Musica is in custody of the jail on $175,000 bond.

Ellis said that offer Swanson is back on patrol.

Following is the full press release from the Forsyth Police Department:

On Saturday, New Year’s eve at 0200 hours in the morning, an Officer Chad Swanson of this Department had made a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. The vehicle had 3 occupants, one, Christopher Musica, age 26 of Forsyth, had a $150.00 outstanding Forsyth Municipal Warrant for Failure to Appear on a previous drug charge. When Officer Swanson advised Musica of the warrant and that he was under arrest, Musica began fighting the officer for several minutes inflicting on Officer Swanson a concussion and minor bruising and abrasions. Musica was able to escape custody. Officer Swanson’s body camera captured the entire assault event even after being ripped from his uniform. There was also a citizen who watched the entire incident unfold and was giving dispatchers a blow by blow account of the assault.

On Sunday, New Year ’s Day the Chief of Police made up wanted posters and began posting them around town at open businesses and gave one to a citizen who is known to assist local law enforcement agencies. That citizen immediately copied the wanted posted on Facebook and within minutes received information where the escapee was located.

Taney County Deputy J. Criner responded to the Taneyville area as the Forsyth Chief of Police was responding at the Sheriff’s Deputy’s request for a back-up. While en route, the escapee exited the home and the Deputy began a foot pursuit through the woods in Taneyville. As Chief Ellis arrived on scene Deputy Criner had used his Taser on Musica twice to get Musica to comply with orders and to safely take Musica into custody.

Chief Ellis would like to publicly thank the 911 caller, the general public for their concern for Officer Swanson and in particular the citizen who posted on Facebook the wanted poster along with the Taney County Sheriff’s Deputies and dispatch center for their concern and assistance in bringing the arrest of Musica to a swift capture. Chief Ellis especially praised Deputy Criner, who was aware that Musica was wanted for a serious felony assault on a peace officer yet put himself in harm’s way affecting an arrest without the backup officer on scene to assist.

Musica is presently in Taney County Jail with a bond of $175,000.00 for 1st Degree Felony Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. And will be charged as well for resisting arrest when the Taney County Deputy attempted to arrest him in Taneyville.

Officer Swanson is back on patrol in the City of Forsyth.

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