Dennis Ball

After making an appearance at the state capitol earlier this week, 2016 presidential candidate Dennis Ball stopped in Branson to garner support and volunteers for his campaign.

“It’s definitely a tourist place, a tourist spot and I had personally not been here for over 30 years,” Ball said on the phone Monday. “At the time I came through originally —I’m 63, so I was 33 years old — it was a wholly different place than it is today.

“We discovered that coming up from Arkansas last month, making my way through this community, up to Iowa and it made an impression on me.

“I’ve been to Las Vegas and it reminds me a lot of that community, in terms of its growth, and obviously country entertainment is very desirable. There are a lot of good things that come from that, especially family environment, family values. We’re traditionalists here.”

Ball, who ran as a write-in candidate in the 2012 presidential campaign, is the chairman of the American Party for America, a new political party he and his team are currently trying to establish as a recognized party in each of the 50 states, another goal of his nationwide tour. The party was founded in 1995 in Marion, Illinois, and currently has 3,000 members, Ball said.

Ball said he does not accept corporate funds and his party operates on private donations. His platform primarily focuses on financial and cultural reform and rests heavily on what he calls “The Ball Doctrine,” which he says is “the business, labor and government working in the best interest of the family structure for the welfare of society.” Ball also notes a large part of this sentiment includes a cultural shift from a “me-my-mine” society to a “we-us-our” culture.

Ball was eager to make his position on homosexuality known as well.

“If the gays support our platform, they’re welcome into the party,” he said. “We’re not here to hurt them, we’re not here to help them. We believe in the traditional family. If they have a family, I’m not going to say anything negative about them.”

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