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Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader takes to Facebook to warn residents about scams. 

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader took to the Stone County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page to remind citizens to be aware of potential scams. 

“We would like to please remind everyone about scams that occur daily,” Rader said in the post.

Rader explained he had a friend whose wife had just been scammed. 

“On Saturday, (Sept.25) morning, I happened to be meeting an older friend of mine at 7:30 a.m. to borrow an item. When we met he informed me about his wife getting a call from the DEA on Friday. He advised that they had her running around to banks and she could not tell him anything that was going on,” Rader said in the post. 

“I advised him that it was a scam. In further conversation, it was found that the scammer used such intimidation that she had pulled their life savings from the bank.” 

Rader said the woman had sent the couple’s entire life savings via FedEx. 

“As I was gathering more information, I had a Captain contacting FedEx security,” Rader said in the post. “It was a miracle, but the package containing their life savings was intercepted at JFK in New York.” 

The package was delivered back to the sheriff’s office on Wednesday unopened. 

“We were happy to return it to our victims,” Rader said. “Not every scam ends like this and countless people have lost money to scammers.”

Rader gave a few tips on the post to help others avoid being scammed. 


- The DEA or any other federal law enforcement agency will never call you and have you send them money.

- The Social Security Office will not call you and ask for money or want all your information.

- “the whole your child is in jail” you need to send bond money is a scam.   

- The caller says you have a warrant for your arrest!  (Don’t worry, we will let you know if you have one!)

- You will not win any lotteries in other countries.  Please don’t send money to get money.

- Only scammers will ask you to put money into gift cards and mail the cards to them.

- The IRS is not going to call you and request money.

- The new scam “you are preapproved for medicare” please do not give them your personal info.

- on line jobs, companies that say you are hired in another state that wants your personal info and bank account.

-The asphalters that show up at your house with asphalt they have leftover from another job. Probably going to be from outside the area. This is an old scam. There are legitimate asphalt companies in the area. They will not show up at your house uninvited. Please call if they show up at your house, we would love to talk with them!

Rader said if you think you have been scammed to call the sheriff’s office. 

“If you receive one of these calls, there is no need to call us or 911. It happens all day long. Only call if you get scammed. Most scammers are in another country and (have) no way to track them.”

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