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Hollister Mayor David Tate retired at the Oct. 7 Board of Aldermen meeting after over 31 years of service to the city of Hollister.

On Oct. 7, during a regularly scheduled city of Hollister Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor David G. Tate announced his retirement, effective immediately.  

Tate stated he was leaving political office, after serving his community for 31 years, to focus on his health and spend time with his family, including his new grandson. While he had planned to finish his current term, he said he felt now is the time to pass the gavel to his board to finish the many projects he has helped set in motion, according to a press release from the city of Hollister. 

City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss stated on the city’s website, “Tate has utilized his strong management expertise by creating a pro-active and progressive environment in the leadership of Hollister.”

“Mayor Tate has served the citizens of Hollister, since he was first appointed as an alderman in 1989. He was elected as Mayor of Hollister in 1998,” Zeigenfuss told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “During the years he has served in the city government offering his expertise to the many accomplishments the citizens of Hollister can be proud of including the completion of the wastewater treatment plant, the development of the area of Southtown Center, Hollister City Hall completed in that time, the completion of the highway 65 interchange, OTC, Mernards, the Police and Public Works facility and most recently, the work (which has) started on Imagined Resort Waterpark.”

According to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives, Tate has served as the Mayor of Hollister for 23 years. He served as an alderman for seven and a half years before that. He has been married for 41 years to Carol, and they have three boys. Tate has lived in the Hollister area since 1973, when he began attending School of the Ozarks (now College of the Ozarks). He graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Industrial Technology and Criminal Justice Law Enforcement.

Tate told the Branson Tri-Lakes News in 2020, when he was running for reelection for the office of Mayor, he enjoyed being mayor and he was looking forward to Hollister continuing on its track of growth. 

“I enjoy what I do. I like what Hollister has become. We have incredible people who work for the city of Hollister,” Tate said. “Basically, I’ve always said this, they just make me look good (laughs). I mean we all have our responsibilities and tasks and we all do a good job. Every now and again you have a hiccup, but you get everybody back on track. It’s fun for me, but the biggest part is, I don’t ever want to see Hollister go back in time. I want it to continue to grow wisely, carefully and just keep growing. Because everything that we can do to better Hollister, the people have a little better lifestyle to live in. I believe that to be whole-heartedly true.”

Zeigenfuss said Tate’s retirement didn’t come as a complete surprise as he has had health issues in the last year. He told Branson Tri-Lakes News Tate retiring is an adjustment to not only the board and city staff, but for Tate as well. 

“Right now I think we better just leave it as this is pretty new, I think we’ll kind of go from here,” Ziegnefuss said. “Obviously, we all care very deeply about David. We appreciate his many years of service. We care, all the board and all the staff, care deeply about David. This is not an easy decision for anybody, particularly David.”

Immediately following Tate’s resignation, the Board of Aldermen appointed Ward I Alderman Lamar Patton to finish the current mayoral term.

A retirement reception for Tate will be planned for an upcoming date, according to the press release.

The Hollister Board of Aldermen has scheduled a special meeting, after press time on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. to appoint a new alderman to fill the vacant Ward I Alderman seat left vacant from Patton. Look for a story in a future edition of the Branson Tri-Lakes News on the appointment of the new alderman. 

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