Branson City Administrator Stan Dobbins

The city of Branson received a record amount of sales tax revenue for the month of July.

Branson brought in $1,269,791, an increase of almost $50,000 from a record June, continuing a four-month run of record monthly revenue.

The year-to-date revenue of $6,787,217 is over 32% higher than city revenue at this point in 2020. The revenue pace year-to-date has the city about $620,000 ahead of 2019’s record revenue.

Branson City Administrator Stan Dobbins told Branson Tri-Lakes News he’s optimistic the city can continue on a record revenue pace.

“I hope so,” Dobbins said.  “Revenue is on a record pace.  2019 was our record year and we are hopeful that will continue.”

Dobbins believes the city’s revenue jump comes from providing people with the choice to visit and enjoy Branson’s many entertainment and recreation options in a time when many people are looking to exercise their freedom of choice.

“There is no one, I believe, in our country that does not recognize that COVID exists,” Dobbins said.  “But we also know there is a point in life where you take responsibility, you do what you feel is appropriate for you, and we together are the ones who can beat [COVID] and continue to watch our economy grow.”

Dobbins said Branson is not the only city with an economic opportunity, as the nation exits COVID-19 restrictions.

“Maybe we should all just take the opportunity to stop hating on one another,” Dobbins said.  “Let’s get together and come up with a way that is great for our communities, our individuals, mom and pop out trying to make a living … we all have to eat. Let’s work together to come up with a solution that is safe for our community and safe for everyone.”

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