S & H Farm Supply is now in Branson.

According to Scott Crowder, General Manager of S & H Farm Supply Branson, they always had an eye on Branson, but with other similar businesses in town, it seemed the need was met – until B & L Outdoor Power closed its doors. 

“When B & L closed, obviously last summer ... we knew there was going to be some demand here. We had a really good staff of outdoor power people, so we thought it just kind of fit.”

The Lockwood-based business now has its fifth store, located at 250 Adair Rd., just north of Pinegar Chevrolet, parallel to U.S. 65.

“One thing that’s a little different about this store compared to our other five, we are specializing in small tractors, implements, things like that, we don’t have any of the hay, hay equipment or New Holland like the other stores have. We do, do tractor implements, off-road vehicles, ATV, UTV, lawn mowers, steel handheld products, we just don’t do anything in the larger equipment like the hay rakes (hay equipment).

Even though this S & H Farm Supply won’t have the larger equipment in store due to this being their smallest location, according to Crowder, they still plan to try and help those out who may come in looking for any kind of assistance regarding larger equipment, whether it be parts or something else.

Crowder is also S & H’s corporate lawn & garden parts manager for all five stores.

According to Crowder, S & H Farm Supply prides itself on being transparent and doing what’s right for their customers.

“Honestly, I think it’s just the relationships that we build,” said Crowder. “The thing with all of our departments, whether it’s sales or service, our parks people, our office staff, we are just open and honest with customers. We go above and beyond, I think in most all cases to try and do what’s right and keep our customers taken care of, and I think that’s been simple but that’s been the formula to our success.

“We have a thing down here, we know we’re 100% customer funded (chuckles), so you have to take care of your customers, it’s the thing that’s instilled from the very top level management down to anyone in the cooperation.”

Although S & H Farm Supply is officially open and fully functional, they are still finishing up some last minute construction on the property.

“Most all our interior is done, we’re fully functional. We’re building a loading dock right now, we have some exterior work, we’re building an awning and kind of a cabin-style entrance on the front of the building,” said Crowder. “We’re functional, everything’s done, we’re just kind of putting some finishing touches. We have a parking lot still yet to pave, things like that, some of the outside work the weather has kept us from being able to do.”

Their grand opening with the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for April 17 at 10 a.m.

S & H Farm Supply’s other four stores are located in Joplin, Lockwood, Mountain Grove and Rogersville.

Visit shfarmsupply.com.

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