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Alderwoman Julia King

Litter in the city of Branson has become a hot topic.

Branson aldermen passed a resolution approving the creation of the inaugural 2021 city-wide volunteer litter cleanup days, at the virtual Feb. 23 Board of Aldermen meeting.

“I can list several reasons why this is important and beneficial, but I’ll just highlight a few: trash, litter, driving down the roads, it’s an eyesore,” said Alderwoman Julia King. “It’s going to make its way to our waterways, which has a negative impact on our fish and wildlife. I also think that it is a safety and health concern for the children in our community and the children that visit with their parents. I see small kids are curious, they like to pick stuff up, put it in their mouth every chance they get, so the less trash around that’s available for them to do that, the better.

“It can be costly because it can deter tourism if people come and see trash in our town and on our main roads; and it also decreases property values. I would love for this to be an opportunity for our community to come together, get it cleaned up; not just this year but every year so we can keep Branson beautiful.”

According to King, the city’s website is a place the community can go to get all the information they’ll need to be involved; including a volunteer sign-up link where individuals can fill out information, secure volunteer packets, find the locations of where to meet and more.

Just click the green tab on the website’s home page.

The 2021 city-wide volunteer litter cleanup days is currently scheduled for the last three Saturdays in March from 8 a.m. till 12 p.m.

According to a press release from the city of Branson, the litter cleanup relies on community volunteers to sign up to pick up trash on March 13 (ward 1), March 20 (ward 2) and March 27 (ward 3).

“We have to let people know that if we’re doing this it’s going to be on safe streets, not going to be out on Hwy 265 or something picking up trash or that kind of deal,” Alderman Jeff Seay said. “I appreciate that you picked up the ball and are running on this. I’m here to help you out wherever I can.”

“Ideally, we would target streets in each ward on each separate Saturday,” responded King. “Everyone is encouraged to participate in any ward of their liking no matter where they live or work.”

According to the report, these organized cleanups are a popular method employed by municipalities throughout the United States to improve the health and attractiveness of their areas to potential residents and visitors; while also having an immediate and positive environmental impact on streams, lakes, parks and public right-of-way.

“This was also a citizen initiative,” said Mayor Edd Akers. “We had citizens that contacted us and Julia agreed to take up the ball and provide the leadership for us. Response to citizens and response to things that they see and let us know about and then we react is what we’re supposed to be doing. So I appreciate the fact that we’re responding as a city.”

“I think it’s a great thing,” said Alderman Bill Skains. “It’s been a long-time coming for those of us who’ve been complaining about trash trucks dumping stuff all over the roads.”

For questions regarding the 2021 city-wide volunteer litter cleanup days, contact Alderwoman Julia King at 417-251-1054 or jking@bransonmo.gov.

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How lucky are the residents of Branson to be able to pay some of the highest sales tax levels in Missouri yet not be able to keep our streets clean!!!!

The statement below is not only condescending but an insult to Branson people that the Aldermen (& mayor) have decided to pass a resolution that we will be allowed to clean up our own streets!!!

" Branson aldermen passed a resolution approving the creation of the inaugural 2021 city-wide volunteer litter cleanup days, at the virtual Feb. 23 Board of Aldermen meeting."

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