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Dr. Ralph J. LeBlanc

Yet another Branson Ward III candidate has dropped out of the race for the upcoming April 6 Municipal Election.

On Friday, March 19 candidate Dr. Ralph J. LeBlanc officially ended his bid to become alderman.

Upon the announcement of the end of his bid, he provided a full endorsement for the campaign of candidate Ruth Denham.  

“Ruth and I have become pretty close as far as an understanding of where the city’s at because of the administration that’s in place now and we both have a similar vision for the city moving forward. - Ruth and I are both very passionate about freedom and smaller governments and all of those things that we feel our community wants,” said LeBlanc. 

“The wife and I set up one night and I just discussed what I’d evaluated and I just told her in order to ensure that we can gain a conservative seat in the aldermen position, I think it’s probably best if I drop out and support Ruth. - I’m not going away. I just want to ensure that we can get a conservative voice and what I feel is the voice of the community and ward III. I’m not going away, I’m just strategizing. - Who knows, next year there’s another election, maybe I’m going to jump in that one too.”

According to the press release, LeBlanc felt that narrowing a crowded field for the seat was the best decision for the voters of Ward III. 

“Political campaigns are a numbers game, and in a crowded field with multiple candidates holding the same values the concern of splitting the vote is very real,” said LeBlanc in the release. “In the interest of consolidating the conservative vote of Ward III behind one candidate, I am happy to offer Ruth Denham my full support. There is a fundamental difference between Ruth and the other candidates left in the race, and I feel that she best represents the values and beliefs of the citizens of the ward. I am not done advocating for the people of Ward III, and I will still speak with their voice about the issues, but in this election I’m asking all of my supporters to fully throw their support behind Ruth.”

To which Denham responded with the following:

“I’m grateful for Dr. LeBlanc’s support and I appreciate the campaign he has run up to this point,” said Denham in the release. “I bring over 25 years of experience in city government to the table which gives me a unique perspective on the challenges that Branson faces. I’m ready to get to work on day one to tackle those challenges head on. Dr. LeBlanc and I agree that the citizens of Ward III deserve representation that will listen to and speak with their voice. Over the past year the citizens have not felt heard, and as the next Alderman for Ward III I will make sure that changes.”

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