The number of candidates running for office in Branson has doubled in the new year. 

Since the beginning of January, six additional Branson residents have filed and publicly announced their intentions to run as a candidate for either Mayor of Branson, Branson Ward 1 Alderman or Branson Ward 3 Alderman. 

On Dec. 15, 2020 the filing period opened in Missouri for candidates interested in running in the April 2021 Municipal Election. 

In December, Branson Mayor Edd Akers filed to run for re-election. Former mayor of Branson Karen Best, who served from 2014 to 2018 and Marshall Howden who ran for mayor in 2016 also filed in December. Joining the mayors race in the new year is Amber Thomsen, who filed on Jan. 11. 

For the 2021 Municipal Election, Branson has three alderman seats up for re-election. Before the new year, no one had filed to run as a Ward 1 candidate, which is a seat currently held by Alderman Bob Simmons. However, this month two residents filed to run as candidates for the seat including Rod Romine, who filed on Jan. 8, and Clay Cooper, who filed on Jan. 11. 

In Ward 3 Julia King, who was appointed to the seat last August, filed to retain her seat in December. Richard Allen Banks also filed to run last month. This month, three additional candidates have joined the alderman race for Ward 3, including Daniel Meenen, Ralph J. LeBlanc and Ruth Denham, who all filed to run on Jan. 13.  

Ward 2 Alderman Larry Milton filed to retain his seat in December and as of press time no one else has announced their intentions to run for that seat. 

The final day to file to run as a candidate in the April 6 Municipal Election is Tuesday, Jan. 19. For the latest updates to the Branson 2021 candidates list visit 

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