Two Kimberling City Police Officers received promotions during the Tuesday, Jan. 10, monthly Police Committee meeting.

Officers Billie Kregel and Andrew Boillot were promoted to the rank of Corporal within the Kimberling City Police Department.

Police Chief Todd Lemoine told Branson Tri-Lakes News he is proud of both officers and he has confidence they will continue to excel. 

“When I hired all officers regardless of experience, training or rank previously held. All officers were hired as a Police Officer I with the overall intent to promote within. Promoting both officers to the rank of Corporal has given them not only supervisory status and the department a chain of command, but also additional responsibility for the police department,” Lemoine said. “Both officers have met all the criteria for the rank of Corporal to include the attendance of Leadership and Supervisor training, specifically Leadership and Supervision in Today’s World as well as Drury Frontline Leaders course to name a few of the most recent leadership training. I am confident the newly promoted Corporals will excel in their position and continue to grow with the department.

“Seeing these Police Officers’ motivation and dedication to the city and community is a testament of my leadership style and goal setting bringing a concept to reality.”

Kregel said she will continue to strive to do her best to serve the citizens of Kimberling City.

“This promotion has given me a strong sense of pride,” Kregel said. “Chief Lemoine has recognized my efforts and performance and I will strive to remain a strong and humble leader not only for my coworkers but for the community that I represent.”

Boillot said he is proud his hard work has paid off.

“Getting the opportunity to get a promotion made me feel that all my long hours and training did not go unnoticed,” Boillot said.

Both Kregel and Boillot said they enjoy their jobs and are proud to serve the area. 

“What I enjoy about being part of the Kimberling City Police Department is that I get to make a difference in the community by doing events like the national night out and community policing,” Boillot said.

“I enjoy the strong community support and I value my role as a public servant to promote safety,” Kregel said. “More so, I am honored to have been given the opportunity to help rebuild the police department into one that under Chief Lemoine’s leadership, will be one that will truly be a model to follow for other departments.”

Lemoine, who stepped into the police chief position in November of 2022, said he is focused on continual training and meeting the goals he has set for the department.

“Considering that I have been in this position a little over a year, and that I set goals and expectations. I am way further than I planned,” Lemoine said. “We were mission capable responding to calls for service 24/7 in less than 90 days from being appointed. We have responded to over 3,500 calls for service inclusive of conducting over 1,600 traffic stops. It is my humble opinion that we have built trust and confidence in the community with my transparency in activity and communications.”

The future of the police department looks bright, Lemoine said.

“I am excited for the future of the city of Kimberling City and the police department,” Lemoine said. “We are definitely making a difference! We will be on the April 2023 ballot for a .05% Public Safety Sales Tax increase to support the future of the city of Kimberling City Police Department.”

For more information call the police department at 417-739-2131.

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