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Scruffy, left, and Missy, right, were surrendered by their owner when she had to go into an assisted living facility that did not allow pets. SOHHS are hoping to find calm and quiet homes for senior dogs, like Scruffy and Missy, to live out their golden years.

Seniors will team up with local shelters to help find ‘furever’ homes for shelter pets at an adoption event in Branson. 

Morningside of Branson Meadows will host a pet adoption day with pets from the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society and Taney County Animal Control. 

The Pet Adoption Party will be held on April 9. It will be open 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. at the Morningside of Branson Meadows facility. There has been a rain date set for the event as well. 

“We do have a rain date because this time of year you never know,” said Morningside of Branson Meadows Community Liaison Darlene Sykes. “In case of inclement weather, we will hold the event on April 30 at the same times. That would be the next time that both shelters would be available to be here.”

The Taney County Animal Control and SOHHS are going to have a variety of animals at the event for poeple to see and hopefully take home, according to Sykes. 

“The public will have the opportunity to adopt a cat or dog during the event,” said Sykes “If someone comes with the intention of adopting a pet they will have to have a valid photo ID with them and they will have to fill out the adoption papers with either the Taney County Animal Control or the SOHHS.”

The facility wanted to offer their property as a venue for the event to be able to give  their residents a chance to give back to the community, while being able to find homes for these animals in need, stated Sykes. 

“Where we have planned to set it up is perfect,” said Sykes. “We have a fairly large covered patio where our resident volunteers will be set up, so they can mingle, while being comfortably out of the sun. The pets will be right next to that patio. 

“They will of course be fenced in, but will be close enough that our residents will be able to help and interact with them. It will be set up so that our residents and our staff can help with the pets and be able to mingle with the people who will be here looking for a new furry family member.”

According to Sykes, Morningside is a pet friendly facility and many of the senior residents who live there have their own cats or dogs. 

“We are so excited,” said Sykes. “The hope is that we can find homes for several of these animals. We are a pet friendly community here at Morningside, a lot of our residents have their own pets. That was one of the reasons this event is so perfect.

“The residence wanted to do something, you know it’s spring and we are opening up and lifting some of the COVID restrictions. And this is an event that our residence could be involved in, our staff can be involved. We love pets here and we love that we are able to give the shelters a venue to hopefully find some homes for these pets.”

Sykes says that it is also a possibility that some of the dogs and cats may find their homes with the residents of Morningside. 

“What I have been told is the shelters may have some older pets that will 


be available for adoption that will be here and sometimes these animals have a harder time getting adopted by families,” said Sykes. “Since we are pet friendly, it is possible that some of our residents will be up to adopt as well. We may find matches between some of our residents and the animals, which would be wonderful. 

“It would be such a great thing if that could happen. That would be pretty cool.”

According to Sykes, the residents and staff are all excited about doing this for the community and are happy to be able to be involved with the community  after a year of COVID restrictions.

“Our residents have been cooped up for over a year due to COVID, and this was just a great thing that we came up with. We wanted to do something good for our community, but also have something that our residents can be involved with,” said Sykes. “They will be involved in a big way, and they are very excited to be out and helping.” 

For more information on how to adopt from the Taney County Animal Control you can visit, click departments, and then animal control.

For more information on how to adopt from the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society visit

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