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Volunteers came out to help take care of the Veterans Memorial Garden in Branson Saturday, May 1. Pictured left to right is Bruce Sisk, Ben Kinel, Connie Czerwinski, Julia King, Kevin Wheat, Jana King-Evans, and Jack Herschend.

Saturday, May 1 former Branson Adlerwoman Julia King hosted a volunteer day for Veterans Memorial Garden in Branson.

The volunteer day was organized in hopes to bring out people who would be interested in a reoccuring volunteer effort, according to King. 

“It is about coming together, to honor our veterans and understnad what it takes to maintain the garden,” said King. “I hope we can come together to help keep this beautiful place in great condition.”

According to an infromational release, the Veterans Memorial Garden is dedicated to veterans of all branches of service. It was established and is maintained by citizens who enjoy gardening and appreciate the sacrifices that legions of Americans have made while serving in the Armed Forces around the world. 

Master Gardener and Administrator Ben Kinel started the garden as a way to honor all veterans and conitues his efforts to keep the garden going. 

“I started the garden in 2008, but dont give me too much credit,” said Kinel. “It is the people here today, doing the work that deserve the credit. It is our volunteers, like Roy and Bruce, that keep it looking this way. 

“I mostly take care of the paperwork and funds now.” 

The garden relies solely on donations and volunteers for its upkeep. There are no paid employees, and Silver Dollar City donated the land for the garden, according to the release. 

“Currently there are just three volunteers that take care of everything,” said King. “Ben is 92 and he has been the driving force behind the garden but they could use help. I am hoping that we can get a few more volunteers here to help them. 

“It is about coming together and doing things that better our community.” 

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