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Tourists and locals alike can now take a ride around historic downtown Branson on a new pedal tour.

Tourists and locals alike can now pedal around historic downtown Branson on a new tour. 

Branson Pedal Tours, a group pedal sightseeing tour, started taking tours in early June. The pedal tours can take up to 14 people on a 60 minute bike ride through downtown Branson. Tours are $29.99 for adults and $19.99 for children. 

Jaredan Braal, co-owner, said it’s the perfect family friendly sightseeing experience in Branson. 

“We were looking for a business opportunity and something fun to do, and identified that pedal tours are a kind of fun healthy activity that can be great for a whole family to come do,” Braal said. “We found Branson as a great opportunity. We thought it would be a perfect location to launch our first sightseeing experience here.”

Braal said the process of starting the pedal tours in Branson was fairly easy, after researching the best route for guests to tour. 

“We did some research, and we knew there’s nothing else like this going on here. Then we worked with some local experts on setting up a good tour route,” Braal said. “(We wanted) the fun history and everything we wanted to share with people as we do our tour.”

Each tour meets at 204 Promenade Way at the Branson Landing. The tour travels on the Branson Landing’s service roads along Taneycomo Lake, through historic downtown Branson and will finish by the lake. 

“Eventually we may expand (our tour route) and have some different options. But right now we’re doing the same tour route for every tour,” Braal said. “We have it where our guests can pedal and help us move it along, but we also have an electric motor when needed. So we can even do the tour without anybody pedalling, and it’ll work fine.”

Braal said his favorite part about the pedal tours is the chance  to be outside and share his love for the outdoors with other people. 

“My favorite part is the opportunity to be out there and be a bit active if you want to, and be out in the breeze. 

“Even if it’s a hot day, the movement of the trolley keeps it cool, as well as, we’ve got a shade cover that helps as well,” Braal said. 

To schedule a tour, visit their website and choose from one of the four time slots available each day: 10 a.m., 12 , 2 and 4 p.m.

For more information follow their Facebook and Instagram pages ‘@bransonpedaltours.’

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