Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams

More details emerged Monday about a Branson man who killed a cat and then posted a video of the killing on social media.

Kyle Wayne Williams, 18, is in the custody of Taney County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond, facing a class E felony charge of animal abuse and an unclassified felony charge of armed criminal action. According to a probable cause statement from the Branson Police Department, which was used for filing charges, Williams killed the cat by dragging it behind a vehicle.

The court document states that Williams tied a rope around the neck of the cat, which appeared to be healthy at the time, and to the bumper of a vehicle. Williams then drove the vehicle, according to the statement, while unknown friends filmed the cat running behind the vehicle “until it couldn’t run anymore.”

According to the statement, the cat died behind the vehicle while the individuals continued riding around and laughing with the dead cat still being dragged behind the vehicle. The document states that a review of the video shows the cat was healthy and scared at the beginning of the video. Statements were made on the video that the incident will be funny. There is also laughing in the video.

According to social media posts shared by readers with the Branson Tri-Lakes News, the video was posted to a Facebook group, but was taken down shortly thereafter. Images shared with the newspaper show Williams posting an image of himself with the dead animal, along with the caption “Try to guess how I killed my cat, bet you can’t.”

A review of the video by the Branson Tri-Lakes News shows that the cat was dragged for nearly five minutes. Individuals in the video can be heard laughing at various points throughout. On two occasions, the vehicle stops, but it begins dragging the cat again when it is determined the cat is not dead yet. At one point, one of the individuals in the vehicle states, “Keep going. Don’t stop. He’s almost dead.”

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell stated in an email the case is still being investigated and he would not rule out the possibility of more people being charged.

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I`m enraged by reading this murder. Now he should be tied by the neck and dragged by his own truck. This person is a really mentally sick individual and I hope that he gets sentenced to the full extent of the law.


Can't wait to see how this genius turns out.  Taney County you are so lucky to have him.

Big Bad Cat

Karma baby! 


Mental illness is no excuse for cruelty, just the reason for cruelty.


Isnt this how serial killers begin their "careers"?


A good sentence would be, in addition to jail time, a requirement that he pay 20% of his income to an animal shelter for the next twenty years.


What are we doing to these kids that they can turn out so monstrously unfeeling to an innocent little animal? How does this happen? And smirking at the camera too, still thinks it's funny - this is very disturbing. RIP poor little kitty, you deserved better.


These are the kind of people that think their lives have more value than that of a simple animal and yet their actions prove they are wrong. If someone did the same thing to them that they did to the cat they would think they are being mistreated and beg for mercy. People that prey on things weaker than themselves are the cowardly filth of the world and these that start with animals can be expected to graduate to victimizing children and the weak.

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The two of them should be punished to the fullest
extent of the law. They are vile cowards. Absolutely


Kyle Wayne Williams is so small he has to kill a cat to feel big. serial killers, In Atlanta there was a child serial killer named Wayne Williams 10 to 20 children were killed, he wood leave them tied polesto show people what he could do.SICK

AtillaThe CatProtector

There is a wealth of research data on the predictive character of action like this person did  to the kitty. This character flaw,  to harm little animals, predicts adult traits such as "serial killer", " rapist" , " child abuser".  If the police or social service persons from this area, see this post, please watch these teens , or refer them for therapy. Not a laughing matter. 


And the outrage for what Planned Parenthood does everyday... "crickets chirping"


Why are humans so sick and twisted? Reading this make me  furious and that smug look on this POS face... Oh man I want to punish him... Parents, please teach your children to value the lives of other creatures, I beg it of you. The world has enough misery already and animals have suffered enough by our hands... RIP little kitty. Im sorry for what they did to you.  


These disgusting excuses for human beings are all on their way to becoming murderers and/or serial abusers as adults. There is considerable research on the link between torturing animals and then moving on to more serious crimes. They all deserve felony convictions and jail time.


I have always been a cat person and could never mistreat one. What I really want to say about this guy would violate the rules of conduct and posting on this account. So I'll just say he badly needs therapy. His behavior, attitude, and lack of feeling suggests serious pathology that might not be correctable. Such people usually go on to more serious offenses and eventually wind up with life sentences or worse.


I for one would like to know where he got the cat that he and his "buddies" thought it was so cute to drag it behind their car. If this incident occurred in early - mid May, I just hope it wasn't MY cat that disappeared at about this time. If it was a small "Tabby" cat, it could well have been mine. My kitty was three years old and went out as usual on a Thursday morning and by mid-day the animal was no where to be seen/found. .At any rate, I do hope the courts handle this by giving them some time to sit and ponder their actions.[beam]. As was mentioned in another comment, what is to stop them from next time from taking someone from the middle east and doing this to them, due to all of the negative publicity. these folks get.

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