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The Coqui Here Restaurant and Bar, located in Forsyth

Caribbean cuisine has found a new home here in the Ozark Mountains, in a new restaurant called The Coqui Here Restaurant and Bar. 

Located in Forsyth, the restaurant brings various dishes and foods native to Puerto Rico to the area, such as: skewers, paella, skirt steak, mofongos, and much more.

The Coqui Here Restaurant and Bar is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. till 9 p.m. They are closed on Monday.

Juan Delgado, the owner of The Coqui Here, first moved to Branson and opened a food truck that served Caribbean food, but soon decided to pursue a full restaurant. 

“I opened a food truck in Branson, and I moved here in the area, in Missouri, two or three years ago. I could see that this place was a big touristic place and I see they don’t have...a Caribbean restaurant,” said Delgado. “When I opened a food truck, the people (paid) me good (and pushed) me to open a restaurant. That was a motivation to try this place here in Forsyth.”

According to Delgado, he named his restaurant after the coqui frog, a native one-of-a-kind species to Puerto Rico. He chose to name the restaurant after the coqui frog because he believes that The Coqui Here Restaurant and Bar is also a unique touch that is different from any other Caribbean restaurant. 

“I want the people to know the Caribbean restaurant, the Caribbean food,” said Delgado. “I want them to know my country, Puerto Rico. We are a part of the United States too, and for that reason I am here. That is my motivator.”

Since opening in March of this year, Delgado says they have been non-stop busy each day they are open and hopes to continue the same business throughout the summer. 

Delgado has a passion for growing his business and reaching more people in the area. According to Delgado, he even has an idea to expand to Branson in the future. 

For more information about menu prices, hours, and the history of The Coqui Here Restaurant and Bar, visit their Facebook page or their website 

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