A Branson performer is taking part in a 12 hour national “sew-a-thon.”

Mallory Cunningham, dance captain and dancer on the Showboat Branson Belle, is working with the event creator and long time friend Hillary Cohen, located in Encino, California, to help out the community of essential workers (non-medical, such as grocery store and gas station employees) in this time of need.

“The background of this event is that the creator of the event, Hillary Cohen, was looking for a way to help out her community in California during this pandemic,” said Cunningham.

“She works on NCIS Los Angeles, and when the show season was cut short for quarantine season, she decided to use her life-long love of crafting to create as many masks as she could for the essential workers in her area. She shared her cause with friends, co-workers and family, and, seeing interest, decided to respond to the 100 Million Masks Challenge with a 12 hour sew-a-thon.”

As a group, they reported making more than 1,000 masks in a single day. With the success of the first event, Cohen has decided to host another sew-a-thon on April 11 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time. (5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central)

According to their website, the numbers are still rolling in, but there are sewers from at least 22 states and four countries, totaling more than 50 people sewing together in the national sew-a-thon.

During the sew-a-thon on April 11, Cunningham said, they will be having local and national celebrities calling in to Cohen’s 12 hour livestream of the event. There will be musical performances, and even some Branson favorites are booked to perform to keep the sewers entertained.

“The event has and continues to grow nationally and globally, in part due to people’s excitement to share the event via social media, as well as the willingness of some of the celebrities involved to promote the event to their many social media followers. We have also teamed up with several collaborators-sponsors so far, such as getppe.org, the BRA Network, and Astek.com. Hillary has been doing interviews with outlets like Good Morning America and the Wall Street Journal, too. Our hashtag is #calltocrafting”

According to Cunningham, their hope is to make the April 11 sew-a-thon even bigger than the first, with sewers from each state and people from around the globe to make more masks for the workers who are out there during this pandemic.

Their website is continuously being updated to include tips on materials, how to make the masks, how to donate masks and more.

This event will be live on Facebook and Instagram for the entire 12 hours.

Visit calltocrafting.com for information.

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