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Taney County Deputy Clerk Stephanie Spencer lets voters know what to expect on April 6 when they head to the polls.

As Taney County voters head to the polls for the Municipal Election on Tuesday, April 6, it is important for them to know what to expect. 

Taney County Deputy Clerk Stephanie Spencer encourages voters to do their research before heading out to vote to help the voting process go smoothly, especially with some of the write-in candidates. 

“Research candidates and issues before going to vote,” said Spencer. “Do not wear political clothing or other items such as hats, buttons, or pins to the polling place.  Remember that there is a possibility of campaigning outside the polling location, but it is not allowed within 25 of the door or inside the building.  There are a few certified write-in candidates, and the supervisor judge will have a list of these in their guidebook.”

The polling locations have remained the same as they were for the November election with one small change to a Kirbyville polling place. Two polling places will also be closed, because they have no issues up for consideration, according to Spencer. 

“Kirbyville Middle School sustained considerable water damage to their gymnasium floor so the election will be held around the back of the building in the safe/multi-purpose room,” said Spencer. “We have encouraged voters who might have difficulty walking to the safe/multi-purpose room to vote absentee at the courthouse in Forsyth prior to the election. Mark Twain and Cedar Creek will be closed due to not having anything to vote for in this election.”

Spencer says she is expecting a low voter turnout of 12% on April 6, but she encourages patience as there will still be COVID-19 precautions in place which could cause lines at polling places.

“We ask that voters be patient if there is a line and be courteous of those around them,” said Spencer. “As in the 2020 elections, the judges will have plexi-glass sneeze guards along with gloves and masks. They will sanitize the stylus and pens between voters. Social distancing will be practiced and hand sanitizer will be available to the public.”

Mail-in and absentee votes have already been cast by several voters with less than a week before the election. 

“As of this Monday, March 29, we had 119 absentee ballots received through the mail and 37 absentee votes cast in-person for this election,” said Spencer. 

According to Spencer, the county has enough election judges for this election but they will need them next year. Any registered voter can apply to be an election judge by calling the Taney County Clerk’s Office at 417-546-7249 or by downloading the application on the County Clerk page on the county website. 

“We always have a need for election judges, (because) their situations change,” said Spencer.  “There is one scheduled election this year with the possibility of a second one, therefore there is no need at this time for election judges. We will need them next year.” 

Election results will be posted on the Taney County website for voters to check, according to Spencer. 

“Unofficial results will be posted the night of the election, but we do not certify the election to the state until Friday, April 9,” said Spencer. 

To see elections results visit or

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