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College of the Ozarks was denied their injunction and temporary restratining order request in federal court on Wednesday, May 19.

The College of the Ozarks states “fight has just begun” after their injunction, temporary restraining order was denied. 

The College of the Ozarks’ motion for an injunction and temporary restraining order, which would have provided temporary protection for the college while its federal court case is pending, was denied in federal court on Wednesday, May 19, according to a press release from College of the Ozarks.

“While we are disappointed in today’s ruling, we expect to appeal so that schools are not forced to open women’s dorm rooms to males and violate their religious beliefs,” said CofO President Jerry C. Davis, in the release. “For more than 100 years, College of the Ozarks has provided a distinctly Christian education to students with financial need. We will not abandon our mission. The fight to protect our religious freedom has just begun.”

According to Branson Tri-Lakes News archives, College of the Ozarks held a press conference on Thursday, April 15, at The Keeter Center where it was announced that they filed a federal suit against the Biden administration over his executive order titled, “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Indentity or Sexual Orentation.”

The lawsuit was filed to challenge a directive from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The lawsuit states that the directive forces religious schools to violate their beliefs by opening their dormitories, including dorm rooms and shared shower spaces, to members of the opposite sex. The directive accomplishes this by requiring entities covered by the Fair Housing Act to not “discriminate” based on sexual orientation or gender identity, according to the release. 



Attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom will represent the College of the Ozarks in federal court, according to the release. ADF attorneys filed the lawsuit The School of the Ozarks, Inc. d/b/a College of the Ozarks v. Biden in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Southern Division, according to the archives.

“The government cannot and should not force schools to open girls’ dorms to males based on its politically motivated and inappropriate redefinition of ‘sex,’” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Julie Marie Blake in the release. “Women shouldn’t be forced to share private spaces—including showers and dorm rooms—with males, and religious schools shouldn’t be punished simply because of their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. Government overreach by the Biden administration continues to victimize women, girls, and people of faith by gutting their legal protections, and it must be stopped.”

According to archives, College of the Ozarks believes that President Biden’s directive is in direct opposition to their core values. 

“The Biden Administration’s policy forces College of the Ozarks to decide between defending its religious liberty from government overreach or violating our core beliefs,” said Davis, in the release. “The government’s threats include harmful fines that could easily amount to six figures. Fair Housing Act penalties can even land people in jail. College of the Ozarks will not stand on the sidelines while our right to religious freedom is attacked. That is why we filed a lawsuit with Alliance Defending Freedom to protect our female students and the Christian education we provide.”

“College of the Ozarks is a Christian institution,” said Davis, at the press conference. “It takes that seriously; our vision statement, to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well educated, hard working and patriotic. We take this faith commitment very seriously and believe that President Biden’s directive comes in direct opposition to our world view and values. It’s our college today. Tomorrow it will be someone else’s college, it could be another school, it might be your church or charitable organization. The constitution of the United States protects our freedom by separating power and limiting government. When the government overreaches, the College of the Ozarks will defend freedom, especially religious freedom.”

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For additional information, contact the College of the Ozarks Public Relations Office at (417) 690-2212.


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I do not see how they can force a religious school to do this. I certainly wouldn't want my granddaughter to be forced to walk into a shower and see some man in there that she didn't know or any man in there. Crazy. What have we come to in this country?


What is the State of Missouri doing about this? The Constitution limits federal powers. Nowhere does it suggest the federal government can make rules regarding college living arrangements between the sexes. Second question: Does College of the Ozarks take any federal money. If not I don't see how they could even pull them in with that thread. The State needs to make Missouri a "sanctuary state" for this like the left does with immigration laws and marijuana laws.


I am absolutely opposed to forcing any institution to allow mixing Folks of opposite biological sex. After reading several "expert" opinions on the ruling it appears CofO was premature on its lawsuit due to lack of cause. The court could not rule on what "may" happen, only what "has" happened. However, i applaud them for supporting their/my morals. When they do face this situation I will support them wholeheartedly via prayers, money, time,time, etc.......

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