On Sept. 25 Victor the Bull returned to his home at Victory Plaza to be the mascot of a new project to promote love, friendship, strength, determination and more.

Branson has a new colorful friend in Downtown Branson, and he is the mascot for some big plans that are on the way.

“Victor (the Bull) is an incredible symbol because he represents level-headism, he has stamina, he’s got strength, helpfulness, determination, confidence, all the things that a bull represents,” said Creative Director Bozana Cavar.

“This is sort of the symbolism of our matriarch on the property. The color pink was chosen due to the fact that it’s the universal color of love for oneself and for others. It represents friendship, harmony, inner peace. We want this to be a very healing type experience for our visitors - we want to represent healing on that block. Victor brings all these things together and reminds us of our purpose and mission.”

The Victory Plaza, on the corner of Veterans Boulevard and Pacific Street, is the home of Victor the Bull and several other entities.

“There’s a lot of things going on there, that’s why it’s hard to encapsulate it because it is a whole block,” said Visionary and Producer Matt “The Real Reverend” Trainer. “V.P is just the headquarters really for that block. The entire block is really to build a kind of a new way of looking at Branson.”

Through this project, one of the things Cavar, The Real Reverend and Visionary Paul Beck hope to accomplish is to shine some light on the city of Branson through media.

“So, we’ve got a production studio there, we’ll be doing a weekly live radio show, live streaming on podcasts and also producing a reality TV show about Branson to spread awareness about Branson, nationally and internationally,” said The Real Reverend. “Then, as well, we have it set up so we can have a history tour of that block and of the downtown area, just about the history of Branson using assets we have there.”

Other things that will be highlighted at Victory Plaza include art, along with real estate, debt relief and financial freedom.

“What we’re doing is a lot of visual things, the bull, the paint of the south side of the building, other art installations that we’re doing, bringing in artists to do a bunch of murals on all the buildings in that block,” said The Real Reverend.

“So it becomes an artist’s destination and a way for tourists to see that area in downtown in a different way. There’s a business behind it with the hotel and with the bar there and we got a coffee shop that’s going in, the production studio for television, radio, and we got the real estate office and we’ve also got a debt relief office.”

The wall along the south parking lot also includes a mural painted earlier this year by local artist Christine Riutzel.

According to Cavar, they hope to be promoters for all Branson events that happen throughout the year as well as work with the marketing aspect.

“We’re gonna put it (Branson) on the map by inspiring people through artistry, film, television, movies, art walk on weekends, farmers markets and bringing a sense of historic relevance back to the town because our history has been forgotten, and be curators of inspiration and hope,” said Cavar. “It’s not just the Victory Plaza, the entire block is going to be called ‘The Hometown Landing’.”

For more information visit @thevictoryplaza on Facebook.

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William B

With the communist government in control of Branson right now, they should do this in Hollister, or Ozark. I try to avoid spending my money where freedom is not welcom.


William B, please explain why you are saying Branson has communist control. I just moved back to the area and need to be brought up to date. The accusation is too general to be interpreted on social media. (I assume this has nothing to do with requiring masks.) Thx.

William B

Well any totalitarian government should be rejected by the people. If it is not working for them it is against them. These people in office have done nothing to help Branson in the past year. Taxes are high, businesses are shutting down. As far as the mask thing, if you want it on put it on. However i would never force you to use it.... this is all about money, politics, and power. They say 200k dead, but they count people who died in accidents if they test possitive. So whats the real number. The CDC gave it to us. Under 10k.


I agree, William B. Hollister will get my business - not Branson - until things change.


I get and support the "color" to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Admittedly i am not an artsy Guy and have never heard about alternative meanings to the color but i do know bull when i see it.😉😉

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