Overnight parking by recreational vehicles in theater parking lots is officially legal in Branson.

Following months of discussion and public input, the Branson Board of Aldermen passed the ordinance on its final reading.

Before the Branson Municipal Code change was passed, parking in theater parking lots overnight by visiting performers was not allowed.

Now it is allowed without regulations, fees or need for further approval by the city.

The amendments specifically target performers or acts at theaters; this will help keep theaters from becoming campgrounds, according to city of Branson’s Director of Planning and Development Joel Hornickel.

“Up to this point there’s been a barrier in the code which only allows recreational vehicles in business parking lots, when that business is open and operating. It specifically stated when the business was not (open), that you could not park recreational vehicles,” Hornickel said at the June 8 meeting. “What we’ve done is added an additional sub-regulation to section 86-353 of the Branson Municipal Code and it simply states ‘It shall not be a violation of this section for a performer, entertainer or act performing at a theater to park their recreational motor vehicle or vehicles overnight on the property of the theater they are performing.’”

This item was passed at the June 22 Branson Board of Aldermen meeting.

To listen to the discussion from its first reading visit the city of Branson’s YouTube channel ‘CityofBranson’ or visit bransonmo.gov to see the full agenda item.

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I am shocked that this even has to be addressed (in 2021) in a city full of entertainment. Anyone in entertainment would have thought itis a given. It us bas enough that guests who visit residents in a motor home can't park on level property in the resident's driveway because Branson consists of hills.

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