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Hollister School’s Resource Officer Bret Taylor was recently deputized by the Taney County Sheriff’s Office.

Hollister schools have found another way to make sure their students have the resources they need to stay safe.

At the beginning of February Bret Taylor, Hollister School’s Resource Officer (SRO), was deputized by the Taney County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a press release, there are times when Taylor needs to visit the home of a Hollister student as part of his SRO duties and those visits could lead him outside of the city’s boundaries and, therefore, outside of his jurisdiction.

Taylor said this new opportunity gives him another resource to continue doing his job and frees up resources for the county.

“What being deputized means for me is another resource to do my job,” said Taylor. “I travel out into the county quite a bit while doing different tasks needed done by the school district. That could be checking on why students have been absent or delivering technology for students who may have to miss several days.

“It also creates a connection between the School District, Police Department and Sheriff’s Office. There has always been a good working relationship there, but this creates an actual bond. It also provides me with a broader area of jurisdiction if authority is required while out of the city performing my duties and ends the need for me to bring a deputy with me for situations I am capable of handling alone.”

“This allows the county to keep their deputies answering their calls for service and making their proactive patrols,” Taylor added. “There really are positive things for everyone involved with the families of the Hollister students being the main focus of this partnership.”

According to the release, Assistant Superintendent of District Operations Sean Woods was the one that went to Taney County Sheriff Brad Daniels to look into the possibility of commissioning Taylor as a Taney County Deputy.

“To me, it just made sense,” said Daniels in the release. “Officer Taylor’s work at the school requires him to go outside his jurisdiction on many occasions in order to conduct follow up investigations. In the past, it has required that we send a Deputy along with him. Now that won’t be necessary. The county will also benefit because Officer Taylor will be another person we have available to pull in if we have an emergency that requires additional manpower. I believe it is a win/win situation for both organizations.”

Woods highlights how this means good things in helping to continue caring for the children of the Hollister School District.

“Since we have students who live both in town and within the county, officer Taylor’s commission will allow him to help and support those who live in both places throughout the district,” said Woods. “Oftentimes a family or student may have a need that lives outside of the city limits. In the past our SRO has been confined to providing services and meeting those needs within the city only. With his new commission, Officer Taylor will now be able to help those students and families within the county as well. As children are 100% of our future, this means the school district, city of Hollister, and the Taney County Sheriff’s Office are all working together to remove the roadblocks to caring for children, who are ultimately our future.”

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