There is a new face on the Forsyth Board of Aldermen. 

Dennis Winzenried was elected as the Forsyth Ward 2 Alderman, for a two year term, in the April 6 General Municipal Election.

Winzenried, who is a retired pastor for Community Presbyterian Church, was sworn into office at the April 19 Forsyth Board of Aldermen meeting. 

“The first meeting, after taking the oath, was very routine,” said Winzenried. “The business was very routine at the first meeting. I was pleased. I attended a few meetings before I was elected and have attended some meetings at other times. There weren’t any big surprises that first meeting.” 

According to Winzenried, he had made the decision to run for office at the request and encouragement of several Forsyth residents. 

“I was contacted by a couple groups that said they wanted to see me run because of the connection I had with the community as a whole.,” said Winzenried. “When I was a pastor, I had a really strong sense  of community and still do. This was true when I came here 18 years ago, I was a pastor who was connected to the community. I still am and this was just a way of living that out that (connection) in a different ring for Forsyth.”

As an alderman, Winzenried said he wants to continue his life of service and represent all the people of Forsyth. 

“I look forward to serving the people and all the people, just being a representative of the people and for the people on their city council,” said Winzenried. “I am pleased with the overall direction of the city. 

“When I need to, I will speak up if needed, to help the city.”

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