OZARK — The case of a U.S. postal worker accused of falsifying several magazine orders for a fellow employee to get back at her for rebuffing his sexual advances, has been transferred to Christian County.

Ruben Dario Rivero, 50, of Branson, was charged in December of six counts forgery, a class C felony.

According to a report from the Taney County Sheriff’s Office, a female postal employee said she received an anonymous delivery of flowers. Later in the day, Rivero, another postal employee, rode on his motorcycle to meet her on her route. There, Rivero allegedly told the victim he had sent the flowers because he thought they would cheer her up after her divorce. The victim told police that, throughout the next few months, Rivero would leave his route and find her on hers.

She told police that Rivero would make comments such as that he liked the way she walked and that he liked the way she looked when she was wet from the rain. She told police that she told Rivero several times to stop, but that he did not listen. At one point, Rivero allegedly told the victim that “he wanted to be friends with benefits.” She said she told Rivero that he is married and she does not do that. The victim reportedly told police that she had complained to her supervisor about Rivero, but that nothing was done about it.

The victim told police that in July 2014, she began receiving magazine subscriptions in the mail that she had not ordered. She also received items from Bradford Exchange, she said. She told police that she thought Rivero was behind it because she had reported his sexual harassment. The police report states that she was getting items in the mail that were billed to her. It is not clear from the documents whether those items were from Bradford Exchange.

A sheriff’s detective discussed the case with a postal inspector in October. In November, the postal inspector determined that Rivero’s outgoing mail bag contained several magazine subscription cards addressed to the victim. However, the inspector compared the handwriting on the subscriptions and determined that they matched Rivero’s own handwriting as compared to his conceal and carry gun permit application to the sheriff’s office.

The inspector also noted that when Rivero was asked to set aside his sack of outgoing mail to be reviewed at the postal annex in Hollister, he disregarded the clerk’s request and emptied his outgoing mail into a hamper. A supervisor reportedly saw what Rivero did and she retrieved Rivero’s outgoing mail from the hamper. This mail contained the six magazine subscriptions that resulted in charges.

In the police report, the postal inspector, Chris Eby, refers to retrieving “sex magazine subscription forms” from Rivero’s outgoing mail, but the only magazines specifically mentioned in the report are Shooting Times magazine, the Spanish-language magazine TVyNovales; and one simply listed as Diabetes magazine.

Rivero’s case was bound over to Taney County Circuit Court April 23 following a preliminary hearing. On May 21, Taney County Circuit Judge Laura Johnson approved a request by the defendant's attorney for a change of venue to Christian County. Rivero also pleaded not guilty to charges on May 21. Rivero’s next hearing in Christian County court is July 31, which was rescheduled from June 19 because of a court scheduling conflict, according to online court records.

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