Hollister school district faced quite the headache during its weeks of state testing: the result turnaround, which was promised to be within 10 business days, is now delayed indefinitely.

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Pam Davis said CTB/McGraw Hill, a publishing company, had promised the test results for 3rd through 8th grades in a timely matter.

“In the past, we have gotten the scores in the middle of the summer when the kids are already gone, so it’s a difference between a checkup and an autopsy,” Davis said.

In the past, state testing was in a physical format, whereas now, it’s all digital, Davis said. The transition from pen and paper to everything online made the promise of a 10-day turnaround all that more appealing, she said.

“One of the positives with this new system is that ‘Oh, they’re going to have a 10-business day turnaround for the scores so at least we’ll know before we leave and we’ll be able to tell the teachers how the class did because they’re still in one group and now they’re not even going to be able to do that,’” Davis said. “We were excited about that because then we can actually use that data for more useful for the instruction.”

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Communications Coordinator Sarah Potter stated via email that the state can assess liquidated damages of $5,000 per day that score reports are not generated within the state.

“The software system that creates Individual Student Reports is still being finalized and is now undergoing quality assurance reviews,” Potter stated.

Davis said the school district received a note from Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven, which reads:

“While scoring itself is going well, production of score reports is experiencing delays. CTB will be communicating with your district scoring, but I wanted you to hear it from me first.

“While we are disappointed we will not be meeting the 10-day turnaround in this first year, the good news is that scoring is working and reliable results will be produced free to participants.

“We do not have a firm release date for score reports as tests completion is stacked throughout the state. CTB will contact you directly when results become available. We anticipate all schools will have results no later than end of June.”

Potter said that the publishing company has had various contracts for state assessments in Missouri since 1996.

“Failure to meet contractual obligations is considered by the Office of Administration and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education when renewing contracts.”

Potter said the department is “optimistic” in getting the test results to schools before the end of the June and the contracts for next year’s assessment will still continue the 10-day turnaround.

“We’re trying to work with our vendor,” Potter said. “We’ve got quite a bit cut for our next year’s assessment.”

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