FORSYTH — A Hollister man is facing three felony charges after allegedly stealing a pickup and then crashing it after trying to flee law enforcement.

According to a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol that was used in filing charges in the case, on Sept. 2 Gimadiah Shane Scrogum was spotted, by a patrolman, driving a white Ford pickup with no headlights on Missouri 76 east of Hollister. The report states the officer followed the pickup onto Knox Avenue. The driver reportedly did not use a turn signal and was not wearing a seat belt.

At the top of a hill, the officer turned on his lights and siren and Scrogum pulled the pickup over to the side of the road, according to the report. When the officer got out of the patrol car and walked toward the pickup, Scrogum accelerated down Knox Avenue.

The report states that Scrogum drove at approximately 50 miles per hour down Knox Avenue, where the speed limit is 20, and drove through three stop signs. At the intersection of Knox and BB Highway, the report states the officer saw the pickup go through another stop sign as it turned left on to BB. When the officer reached BB Highway, he could no longer see the pickup, according to the report. The officer turned left onto BB, and as he was driving, he looked to his right and saw that the pickup had gone off the road and down a steep embankment where it had struck a tree and flipped onto its right side. When the officer and a deputy made it down to the pickup, there was no one inside, according to the report.

The officers could not find the driver. According to the report, the license plates did not belong to the pickup. The vehicle identification number showed the owner lived in Lampe. When an officer contacted the owner, he told police he suspected his truck had been stolen by Scrogum, who had been an employee of his and whom he had to fire. Inside the pickup, officers located an insulin needle that appeared to have been used, but still contained a small amount of liquid.

Scrogum is charged with three felonies: first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle, resisting arrest by fleeing and possession of a controlled substance, according to online court records.

Scrogum is in the custody of Taney County Jail on a $2,000 bond from a charge of non-support from Jasper County. Court records show a warrant has been issued for Scrogum on the three most recent charges, and it comes with a $50,000 bond.

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