Editorial cartoon

Editorial cartoon

I was drafted into the army. Back when all young men were drafted to serve. I was a sergeant. I learned quickly the Military was very wasteful.

For example the ol’ mess hall cookie would throw away gallons and gallons of unopened milk in huge cans if it was past a mere day old.

Often as a sergeant of the day for company or battalion night watch I and some of the other troops would gripe about the waste.

At the risk of a delayed statutes of limitations court martial I have a tale to tell.

I was a spit and polish sergeant ... however, to me and my cadre, being not long ago in civvies, the Milk waste was unacceptable.

Fort Bliss Texas is basically right on the Rio Grande River. We had all noticed on maneuvers the total poverty right across the river.

I made a connection with one of folks living in Mexico near the river. I told him of all the milk being wasted. I asked him if his village could use the perfectly good milk.

He naturally said “Si.” So I made up a rendezvous point and the time of 2200 hours on a specific days. My fellow smugglers and I would go to that point on the border and we would meet him on the US side of the Rio Grande and deliver the milk. They brought pots, buckets etc. to fill so we could return the big milk cans.

This went on for several months. If I had duty and could not go the others knew where to meet our wading friends.

We Americans are so wasteful. I often saw armored columns that would drain thousands of gallons of fuel from their tanks into the sand because they could not get more fuel if they were not low.

I hope they don’t retroactively court martial folks for what they did years ago!

So that is the story of “The Rio Grande Milk Runners”!

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