FORSYTH — Eastern Commissioner Danny Strahan was looking for icing on the cake after a lengthy Thursday morning budget session working on the 2016 Taney County budget.

    He glanced around the commission conference room asking if there were any holiday treats that typically find their way into the commissioner’s office this time of year.

    To his dismay, the office was barer than old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Still, it was unlikely the Grinch could have pulled off a food raid without being detected under the watchful eye of security officer Michael Lynch. Meanwhile Presiding Commissioner Mike Scofield noted there was some pickled items.

    “We might have to eat pickled pig’s feet,” joked Western Commissioner Brandon Williams.

    “What’s the matter? Didn’t anybody kill any deer this year?” Strahan asked, inquiring about deer sausage.

    Williams reminded Scofield he had bagged game.

    “Didn’t you get one on opening day?” Williams asked.

    Scofield admitted that he had and Strahan teased him about the new guy bringing treats to the office.

    Road and Bridge administrator Randy Haes didn’t exactly offer the commission any icing on the cake as the budget session went into the lunch hour but he did offer to salt the roads.

    Williams inquired as to whether salt was on hand in the event of winter weather.

    Haes said the department is prepared and well-supplied.

    “We’re in good shape,” Haes said, noting all bins are fully stocked except one that is in need of repair.

    By the following Monday holiday treats were beginning to make their way into the courthouse. County Clerk Donna Neeley was inviting visitors into her office to partake of a wealth of cookies brought in by county employees.

    Williams had heard and inquired about the treats.

    “Where’s all the cookies?” he asked, during a recess from the commission’s regular session in the hearing room.

    Deputy Clerk Wesley Shoemaker informed him there were plenty of cookies in the clerk’s office prompting Williams to ask, “So, why are we in here?”

    Someone reminded him the commission was in a five-minute recess and Shoemaker couldn’t resist inserting a bit of Christmas humor.

    “There’s even lumps of coal in there for you,” Shoemaker joked.

    Unfazed, Williams answered back, “I would even take those, too.”

    Maybe, he wasn’t quite that hungry.

    Yet, like a piece of legislation beginning as a draft ordinance before becoming a New Year’s resolution, holiday cheer is perhaps slowly making its way from the desks of elected officials and flowing out through the door of the courthouse and into the highways and byways of Taney County.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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