Elizabeth Barmeier

    Staff writer Elizabeth Barmeier poses for a photo after her graduation from Drury University.

    When people say, “I’m from St. Louis,” usually they mean one of the many St. Louis counties.

    I grew up in Manchester, one of the many great St. Louis counties with my parents and my older sister. Known as the “runt” in my family, I am the youngest in both my immediate and extended family.

  Ever since I could walk, gymnastics have been an exciting hobby of mine. A decade into my gymnastic career, I decided to focus on tumbling and floor exercises as well as branch out into other forms of movement. In middle school, I became highly involved in ballet, tap and jazz. It is fun to combine elements of both gymnastics and dance in one intricate performance. After doing gymnastics and dance all the way up through high school, I was introduced to Zumba, which is a recognized dance exercise program. Following in my sister’s footsteps, I became a Zumba instructor, and today I continue to burn calories to the music of Pitbull.

  In addition to dancing and doing Zumba, I enjoy a good laugh from comedian icons (i.e. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and pretty much anyone from Saturday Night Live). I grew up watching SNL, which influenced my choices in television shows. My top three favorite shows right now are “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Parks and Recreation” and “American Horror Story.” One can probably quiz me on just about any “30 Rock” or “Parks and Recreation” episode and know that I am a true fan. My top two favorite movies this summer are “Spy” and “Pitch Perfect 2,” and my all-time favorite movie is “Bridesmaids.”

  Reading about predominate TV comedians in their autobiographies is another way to get their insights on life and laughter.  Suggested books that have been hilarious reads include Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants,” and Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please.”

    Starting at a young age, writing has always been a passion of mine.

  Creative short stories filled my journals both at home and at school. In high school, I enjoyed writing stories about homecoming and putting together picture collages to represent the school spirit. Little did I know that would I do much more and gain more experience in college. After studying for four years at Drury University, this past May, I graduated with a multimedia production and journalism degree with a minor in dance. During my time at Drury, I had the opportunity to be the campus news editor for The Mirror  and a radio host for the KDRU station. Dance of course followed me through college where I was on the dance team as well as the Springfield Dance Alliance. I was able to experience performing other choreographers’ and colleagues’ work.

    Additionally, I was one of the first several students to graduate with the new dance minor. Being an advocate for the minor, I was able to spark interest with other students and professors that helped launch the program. Receiving a liberal arts education added significant value to my degree earned, and I am proud to be a Drury alum. Being fresh out of college, I am happy to be a reporter for Branson Tri-Lakes News as my first position. Moving from my apartment in Springfield to Branson will be an awesome journey as I start my next chapter.

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