Whether they’re trying to sell us a new insurance plan or congratulating us on winning a free cruise, if you have a cell phone, you’re bound to have experienced some sort of spam call. Well, I got one such call, but it set itself apart from all the rest. You see, this caller stated I had a warrant out for my arrest.

Imagine my surprise when I received that sort of phone call Oct. 18. The caller ID stated it was from the Taney County Sheriff’s Office, so I answered, thinking it was someone within the department. However, a woman with an obscure name claimed that I had a warrant out for my arrest regarding unpaid bills to a law firm I had never heard of. While she was speaking, I double- and triple-checked online court records to confirm that I had no such legal action against me.

The woman went on to say that I had to show up at the courthouse at 2 p.m. Oct. 19. Well, then. I asked her if I could speak with Sheriff Jimmie Russell and she supposedly transferred me to him. However, the man who answered the line claimed to be Robert Dixon, the recorder of deeds for Taney County. Folks, this man most assuredly was not the Robert Dixon I have interviewed on several occasions over the years. He asked, “How can I help you?” and I told him that he shouldn’t be impersonating people, and I disconnected the call.

I’ve had a few conversations with law enforcement officials since this phone call took place and the general consensus is that if you have a warrant out for your arrest, you probably won’t be getting a courtesy call from the Sheriff’s Office. In fact, a warning like that takes away the element of surprise and could lead to a botched arrest. If you find yourself getting a call like this, Taney County Chief Deputy Brad Daniels said “do not agree to meet the caller, and do not offer any personal information or credit card numbers.”

Sheriff Russell advised that if you get a call like that, report it to the Attorney General’s office. 

Missouri Attorney General’s Office Communications Director Mary Compton said consumers who believe they have gotten a spam call should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. This can be done online or via phone by calling 1-800-392-8222.

This is a great reminder, folks. If you get a call saying you’ve got a warrant out for your arrest, it’s probably a fake, but check Missouri Case.net, just to be safe.

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