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Blue Eye junior Kyla Warren crosses the Bulldog logo as the point guard to face her Berryville defender. The Blue Eye Lady Bulldogs defeated the Berryville Bobcats 46-41 on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

The first quarter told a different tale from the rest of the game in Blue Eye’s 46-41 win over Berryville.

After one quarter, the Lady Bulldogs were dominating Berryville.

It took until almost the end of the second quarter for Berryville to even get into double-digit scoring. Blue Eye moved the ball well and took smart shots.

Defense held strong against an Arkansas team that averaged quite a few inches taller.

The second quarter energy slowed for Blue Eye, and after heading into the locker room with a nine-point lead, head coach Ken Elfrink was clearly frustrated with his team’s performance.

The second half wasn’t much better.

Berryville was the closest it’d been so far in the game coming into the half and went on to outscore Blue Eye in the third quarter 15-14 and cut it to a five-point game.

Elfrink’s visible frustration continued through the fourth quarter when his team struggled to get a handle on rebounds.

Juniors Riley and Avery Arnold led Blue Eye with 18 and 11 points, respectively. Riley Arnold almost had 20 points after playing an in-bound pass off the back of her defender who was guarding the basket rather than defending the pass in.

Riley played it off her and attempted a reverse layup on the opposite side of the basket that bounced out and gave Berryville an attempt on the other end.

Blue Eye’s defense eventually improved enough to prevent Berryville from ever taking a lead and securing a five-point win.

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