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Reeds Spring junior Jade Watson looks for a pass from the end line on the opposite end of the court. The Lady Wolves lost to Forsyth in the Blue Eye Invitational during the first week of December.

It’s been a season full of change for the Reeds Spring girls.

Head coach Jessica McNichols entered her first year as the head coach this year, so the Lady Wolves are battling the challenges that come with a new coach, a young team and COVID-19.

Reeds Spring is 1-6 this season with its only win coming over Glendale’s junior varsity team in the Blue Eye Invitational at the beginning of the month.

While the other six losses haven’t felt good to the Lady Wolves, McNichols said they’ve learned a lot and have seen improvements through each game.

After losing 90-11 against Sparta to open the season, the Lady Wolves had plenty of adjustments to make. McNichols has had to rely on a roster with just two seniors.

Jade Watson has stepped up into a leadership role for Reeds Spring this season, though. As a 5-foot-9 junior, she pretty much leads her team in every category you can think of.

“Jade’s a player that gets it done on both ends of the court for us,” McNichols said. “She brings a lot of confidence — confidence in herself, in her teammates.”

Watson has played every minute she can manage for the Lady Wolves but has started to receive help from players even younger than her.

Sophomore Riley Sadler has made a jump since the beginning of the season, according to McNichols.

Sadler, along with freshmen Aubree Davis, Dahlia Brand, and Harley Watson, Jade’s younger sister, have been the “I can do that” players of this struggling team.

“They’ve all really stepped up to play whatever role I need them for, and they’re willing to do it,” McNichols said.

The six losses haven’t been easy to swallow for McNichols or her team, but she said as the losses get closer and the competition stays within reach, she sees her team’s spirit continue. Against Cassville, Reeds Spring held onto a close lead until the second half. Cassville eventually won 57-41, but it offered a glimpse of hope for the Lady Wolves.

“Specifically, we’ve been really pleased with our effort, especially with a lot of kids that are really inexperienced,” McNichols said.

The Lady Wolves will play in the Seventh Annual Southwest Girls Holiday Tournament. A bracket had not been released at the time of publication, but games will start Dec. 26 and run through Dec. 30.

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